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…I make this sound like a chore.  Whole home office is set up finally, but I find I cannot get into the office til 8:30…..  Which doesn't sound bad until you consider I'm working somewhat east coast hours and 8:30 here is 11:30am there.  Our nanny's staying in our office for now until she leaves back for Atlanta.  So my interim makeshift morning office has been our dining room table, our sofa, bedroom, table in the family room and working out of my briefcase.  So tough to get established still.

The house is looking like it's going to be rented so I can tag "landlord" onto my list of titles along with JB, CFO, Partner, Baseball Manager, Pit Boss, and any expletive you an imagine.  UK couple moving in June 1, but renting the place April 1 to move their stuff in.  We'll see how that goes, but stronger likelihood of a return to Atlanta with renting our place versus selling.  So we'll see. 

So Mindy and I ate lunch at the "Rotunda" which is the Disney restaurant where the only way to get a reservation is if you're a VP.  Whoo…good thing.  Keep the degenerates like me out unless you're married to a VP, in which case there are exceptions.  Mr. Bob Iger ate at the table next to ours.  That was only the CEO of Disney, the new Mr. Eisner.  Guess that was cool til I realized he makes like $9.12M more than me…


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I've taken on poker as my newest true hobby.  Now that I've got more time on my hands (I'm not managing a baseball team any more, nor am presiding over my Alumni organization), so even though I've been playing for a few years now, poker's my new #1 hobby.  The good news is that you can keep score in this hobby. 

So I'm trying to plan my upcoming week and trying to squeak in a trip to either the Hollywood Park Casino where there is a group of tourneys upcoming and/or a trip to Larry Flynt's Hustler Casino.  I've heard there have been fish sightings at each.

Mindy's got a business trip next week to Vegas and so I'll escort her to Vegas for the 59 minute flight and our stay at the Ritz Carlton there.  Life sucks doesn't it?  Although it is a 30 minute drive to the strip.  Oh well.  But I would like to get two or three tourneys in the 2 days I'm there (Tues-Thurs).  She'll probably want to do a show and dinner and stuff, but who needs to eat out when you can eat at the poker table.  Wait…I forgot, I like LV shows and food.  Should be interesting.  Will post when I get back on the results.

Lastly, already have a May trip planned for Vegas May 9-11 for a conference which really does not start til the 10th so plan on playing in the NL500+50 event on the 9th at Caesars part of the WSOP Circuit, event 13.  Let me know if anyone's out there…I know I'll just be missing Mank and McGregor…

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224916261305_0_alb.jpgWell, let’s see…you move from a 5,000 square foot home to a 2,000 square foot home which only costs 50% more….garrrr!  The weather’s been a little chilly here and the natives apologize for that.  But today is glorious, 68 degrees and I think I may have noticed a little cirrus cloud a ways away.  Sales tax is 8.25%, but then again a car wash and detail ran us $10.99.  Gas is $2.89.  The highways are not quite as congested as I thought, but then again, I’m not in rush hour traffic since I’m working from home.  Speaking of working from home…finally got my DSL and wireless set up!  Thank goodness.  Only so much Starbucks you can have without alienating yourself by loitering or without well, …. you know. 

This whole east coast/west coast thing is tough though as the +3 hours and – 3 hour thing can get old quickly.  I guess it will be good when I want to watch a Yankee game and it’s on at 4:30 pm!  Starting to get settled in and have somewhat dug out from all the boxes, etc.

Looking forward to experiencing the food, the gym, the beach, Disneyland, the sun, countless trips to Vegas, Commerce Casino, the Bike, and working from home and getting to see Shane EVERYday at ANYtimeI want!  I’ve attached a pic of the little guy – one my favorites! 

More of this adventure to come! – RS

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Poker in LA, Vegas…

Ok, so I don't have my game any more in Atlanta.  It was fun while it lasted and I hope that if I move back to Atlanta the games I have will be great again.  But I think over the next 12-18 months I may get a little spoiled with the poker here in LA and with Vegas only being a 45-minute flight from the Burbank airport, of which I'm only 4.1 miles from!

Round one – week one – Commerce Casino.  I had never been before, so this was a treat.  First, I watched as Gerry McNamara continued his hot Big East Tournament run with a tremendous game versus Georgetown that I watched from the casino bar.   Ok then it was time to play.  First…with something like 200+ tables, with every game from 2/4 limit to 300/600 limit, from 1/2NL to big stakes NL.  I sat down at a 3-5NL min/max $200 buy-in which was interesting, but I guess the way that particular game went.  California players are a little different and will get some taking used to.  They don't mind pushing.  Anyway, I was down $450 and opted to buy in for $100 more to put me $600 in and $150 in front of me.  That would be my last buy in as I didn't want to get hit too hard first go around in Cali.  A few hands went by and I had 2,5s in early position and opted to try to limp.  6 callers no raise, good.  Flop – A,2,5 rainbow, great!  I bet just $15, all fold to the button, who raises to $50.  I go all in and double up.  Course he limped with AK.  Made a stellar comeback and went up when I flopped an open ended straight draw along with my flush draw.  We both made the same straight on the turn.  He pushed all in for $450, I immediately called and he looked sick that we had the same straight, but even sicker when I hit my club on the river to felt him.  Wound up giving some back and unfortunately left down, but not much.  Result – lost $136.

Vegas times two – first trip, uneventful other than playing with Awada.  He played at the 2/5NL table until the higher NL table was ready, so only played with him for 2-3 orbits.  Nice guy.  First trip to Vegas in early March, again uneventful – lost $256.

Vegas times three – Great trip for me.  Played some great cards and in some just absolutely crazy games.  The difference about playing in Vegas and anywhere else is that many more players in Vegas seem to not care about money and/or are drunk.  Played at Hooters Casino – which if you're a guy – don't stay there.  Seems good to stay there, but think about the clientele – all dudes!  But 3 tables and only spreading $1/2NL.  I still cleaned up there for the tune of about $600.  Mostly from folks that didn't have a clue.  The MGM had unbelieveable action.  Have a hand…you'll get paid off.  The best hand came when I had AQs in a loose 2/5 game and I limped in as there was a straddle behind and I acted early.  Six callers.  Flop A,A,2, two spades.  Checks all around.  Next card a blank.  Checks all around again.  River another Ace!  Quads.  I bet out just $30, and get reraised to $130.  Sweet!  I say, "I'm not a good enough player to lay this down" and push all in for the extra $100 and $200 more.  He says, "whatcha got…kings?".  I of course don't answer.  He calls and I gently place down my AQ.  He flips up queens.  Life's good – won $1600 on the trip.

Bicycle Club – take one – Want to talk professional players.  Wow.  Tight, aggressive, solid play all the way around.  Could have just been my table, but could not catch a break other than a guy going all in, having the guy in front of me call – for about $60 and the first guy turns over his sixes before I have a chance to act.  I have 7,8s, so I call.  The guy on my right asks to check down.  Sure buddy.  Seven on the river and I stay alive, but honestly did not play well, not patient, and misread my table terribly.  Ouch…lost $1k.  Still up since moving to LA however.

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First my apologies to those out there I haven’t touched base with quite yet as the last three full weeks in Los Angeles have been anything but uneventful or actually, even Los Angeles based.  Three days in Las Vegas, three in San Diego and four back in Las Vegas = nearly half my time in the Pacific Standard Time Zone was not spent at home.

I plan on issuing varied posts here to friends, family, those I owe money to, to keep those updated on my time in Los Angeles.  Let me preface everything in future posts with this…. I am very proud of Mindy for all she has accomplished in obtaining her VP job with Disney.  She is enjoying it tremendously, already had her first casualty – having to fire someone (attagirl), and enjoying being respected by the higher-ups.

That being said, it’ll be an interesting time – however long it is – in Los Angeles. 

Varied topics will include – “Life in Los Angeles”, baseball, my poker tribulations, Shane, etc.  Please feel free to comment back or if nothing else, keep tabs on us while we’re here on the West Coast! – Rick

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