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So the age old question….can pitchers hit.  If a pitcher can hit, can he pitch?  It's enough to get the Sopranos sitting outside an Italian Deli bickering to the point of guns a-blazing….unless you had some johnny-cakes around at which point all arguments would stop. So I move to LA join a team…unfortunately one that cannot field…or really hit for that matter, but who's counting.  Well, me.  I pitch, guys hit grounders and throw runners out right?  Not so much.  So pitching this year has been a struggle.  During my last start, I threw six innings….2 earned runs, 2 walks 4 strike outs.  Sounds good.  TEN – 10….TEN Errors!!!  Oh my…  We lost 17-3.  Anyway so on the mound, not so good.  At the plate…something's amiss.  I'm leading my team in hitting?  10-22 for a robust .454 thus far.  Been 'slumping' of late going 1 for my last 7.  But good enough to earn a trip to the All-Star Game….as a hitter?  Sure, why not. So I'm hitting sixth in a lineup of 17 players.  I actually get three AB's….sure enough 3-3.  Ok, so all three were to right field, but who's counting.  Just weird!!!!

On a very very sad note, my former league commissioner in Atlanta Steve Rosenberg passed this past Monday due to complications with lung cancer.  He was a good friend and a good man.  He was a pain the ass, but he will be sorely missed in Atlanta.  He loved the game of baseball through and through and loved his liquor, ladies, gambling and unfortunately smoking.  Steve – you were always good in my book man!  I'll miss you!


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I cannot begin to express what being a Dad means to me and for anyone that knows the difference, there is a distinct one between being a father and being a dad.  I probably don't have to explain.  But I've thoroughly enjoyed being a dad in the past 21 months.  It's a great feeling and as Shane continues to grow and prosper and learn, he continues to become a bigger part of my life.  To me everyday seems like Father's day. 

Getting to work from home has been a big big plus since moving to Los Angeles.  It means I get to see my son more in the mornings and earlier in the evenings than I did when I was in Atlanta.  It's just been great.With Mindy taking Shane to NY this week and with my going to Atlanta for a week in Atlanta, those will be tough weeks but I'll persevere.  For those dads out there, enjoy your Father's Day.

Shane in daddy's shoes

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Is it possible?  Well, maybe just a little.  I've not had much to post here….just been working my tail off.  Weird working east coast hours.  Up at 5:30/6am, I have a 52 foot commute, which is tough sometimes….running into traffic (the laundry basket, a 2 1/2 foot tall play slide, and a couple of doors)….only to answer the phone groggy.  Many of my clients don't know I'm even out on California and when they find out they get that "Oh…" thought…wondering why I was working so late returning their emails at 8:30PM Eastern.    The problem is that I'm not "getting off work" at 3pm PST like I thought I would to hit the gym.  Just seems easier to keep working.  Odd.  But it is fun still seeing Mr. Shane during the day.  I think it's time for a vacation.  We'll see what the debate this weekend as to where leads us.  Gonna try to hit the card-room this weekend….

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