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Ok…I stole this post from my esteemed poker colleague Mr. MacGregor, but what a great idea…planning NOW….  If you are at all interested, let me know and I’ll add you to the list…or heck, just show up ——

I know, I know! It’s 5 months away! But June 7th->14th I’ll be pulling up a seat in Las Vegas. I’ve sent out an email to a lot of people to get them to join me and hope to get a great response. I know for certain there will be 4 of us, but if a zoo of 10 or more shows up for that week, things will be veeeery interesting.


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Slow week

Life in LA has been rather slow the last week.  Nothing new to write about…just hum-drum boring time, lol.  Visited our tenants renting our home in Atlanta as they were out here to visit their son Mark.  Interesting to see how the ‘struggling’ artists live. 

He boasts an 1800 sq.ft. home in the ‘hills’ not too far from where Mindy and I live.  Interesting in that he has two roommates, both actor/models.  One’s 32, the other 33 I believe.  One of them was in Supercross and American Gun (Ryan Locke) and was some big male model.  Amusing.  The other was Mark’s girlfriend, and has done mostly modeling.  Like I said…simply interesting.

The beginning to another week but nothing interesting going on.  Guess I’m going to have to go play some cards then…

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Got the start on Saturday back with my winter league team.  I was sick a couple of weeks ago and missed my start, but fortunately threw last weekend a few innings in Orlando.  I didn’t feel I had command until the 3rd or 4th and cruised into the 5th, but I walked two in that inning.  The good news is that none of the two runs I gave up were earned…the bad news is that despite leaving with a 4-2 lead after five, we blew it and a 6-3 lead in the bottom of the 8th.  Oh well.  I had a decent line:  5IP, 3H, 2R, 0 ER, 2BB, 4K.

On the degerative side, had my first winning session of 2007 (but also since November – a span of 5-6 sessions) and a tidy $580 win.  Just played solid and let a few donks literally give me their money.  No big impactful hands to talk about except the chap that went all in for $200 into a $60 pot on the turn when the board showed KK22.  I had the K(5), he had the 2(X).  I had figured we were chopping.  Guess not.  Thank you.

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Ok – so I’m finally getting around to writing about this one particular hand I played at Commerce two weeks ago.  Yes, because it’s bothered me and yes, I lost the hand.  And I suppose losing on a 3-outer happens to everyone, but when it’s for a $1,000 and you’re very sure of your hand…, yeah, you get a little miffed.

Had just moved tables late since my table broke and I went to the new table with about $600 – I had worked it up over the last 5-6 hours from $200 so was doing well.  I raise pre-flop in mid-position with AQ spades for $30.  One caller and SB calls.  Three to the flop and about $100 in the pot A,2,6 with two spades comes.  I’ve got top pair, very good kicker and the nut-flush draw to boot.  I lead out with a modest $40 bet.  Guy in late position folds, and the SB an asian player that does not look very confident calls – $180 in the pot.  Turn comes a blank (non-suited 9)and he checks, and I bet $50 this time.  He miraculously ‘goes all in’ for $400 more.  I have some thinking to do, but honestly, it was a pretty easy decision.  The only thing he could have that would crush me is AK (in which case he would have likely reraised me preflop or on the flop), two pair (maybe A6, A9), or a set, in which case I think he’d have raised me only like $150.  I actually put him on only a flush draw since there were only gut-shot straights out there.   It was clearly an overbet by a non-saavy player.  I did take my time however and think through all the possibilities and announced “I call and my flush draw beats yours”.

He looked sheepish.  The river was the two of hearts…and he victoriously threw down his cards onto the table and announced “STRAIGHT”…with his 4,5 spades!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  $400 on a flush draw, gut shot?  I was thoroughly disgusted and two weeks later it still hurts – primarily because that session would have broken my losing streak big time.  Instead it pro-longs it to two months.  The good news is that for 2007, I wound up up about four dimes.  Let’s see how 2007 comes about.  But geez that hurt.

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Ok – star sightings the last week….Rex Lee (Ari’s assistant on Entourage) at good ol’ Bob’s Big Boy (my breakfast spot).

Well, it’s looking more and more like we’re going to be here now through at least the summer since we have our apartment/condo here through August 31st.  That’ll allow me to finish the baseball season here.  We have our place rented through May 31, but the tenants want to stay through the summer as well…again, timing is everything.  But you never know what sort of things come up I guess in life right?

So we’ve been out here now almost a year (late next month for me and Mindy’s already been here a year).  I can’t tell if time’s flying or standing still.  But we’ve not done as much out here as I’d have liked.  We’ve been to the beach twice, Disney about 5-6 times, two Angels/Yankees games, one Dodger game, the LA Zoo 5-6 times, Universal City Walk a half-dozen times, the LA Tarpits, a show (Lion King) in Hollywood, but we’re still missing out on a lot of “LA” things. 

I’ve not been to a Laker game, not been to the Getty, not gone out to any clubs here, not been to any TV show tapings although we’re slated to go see American Idol, have yet to make it the Playboy Mansion (ahem), so we have a lot of things we need to do.  Now that Shane’s a little older, maybe that will help.

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Headed back from
Orlando today (Monday) after a somewhat successful weekend playing ball.
  Our team, the Atlanta-Chicago Clowns (long story regarding the name), lost in the championship game 13-3.  The score was no true reflection of how close this game really was.  The game was 5-3 going to the bottom of the 7th when they scored three, and then another 5 on errors, some bloops in the 8th to blow it open.  I came in relief in the bottom of the 4th with two out and runners on 1st and 3rd getting the guy to swing at a 1st pitch change up to get us out of the jam.  The score was 5-1 at the time.  We inched back to 5-3 after throwing two scoreless innings.  A hits batsman (on the sleeve) and a couple of bloops was it for me, but a pretty solid 3 innings of work, 2Ks, no walks. 

All in all a fun weekend with many guys I’ve played ball with for years.  Always good seeing friends but definitely missed my bride and my lil guy and definitely looking forward to seeing them soon.  Vegas baseall tourney up next…

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Traveled to Orlando (with a stop over in Atlanta) yesterday and we’re now in the middle of playing in the tourney (won this morning 6-5).  The fields are immaculate (Atlanta Braves Spring Training facility) and the temperatures are in the low 70’s.  Nice.

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