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It’s actually now going to be longer than 96-hours as I’ve changed my flights around and will now be heading to Las Vegas early on next Thursday morning and not leaving until about 5pm that Monday, so I suppose it’ll be about 103 hours.  Here’s my tentative agenda:

Thursday June 7th:

10am – Arrive and head directly to the Wynn – check in early, unpack, get refreshed

11am – Head to The Venetian – register for the Deep Stack Tourney they have there.  10,000 chips.  $540 entry fee.  Relax until the start.  No need to mess with a cash game until after I exit the tourney.

Noon – NL$540 (10,000 chips).  Shuffle up and Deal – Venetian

After – cash games no doubt.  Many of the other folks coming into down may be playing in the 6-handed $1,500 event at the Rio, so I’ll probably head over there to see how they are doing.

Friday June 8th:  Hopefully I’ll be continuing to the final table of the NL$540 event from the previous day, which resumes at 4pm.  There’s another NL$1,060 event at noon, but too much and besides, I’ll have another tourney Saturday to partake in.  Probably just cash games this fine Friday.  Maybe take in some pool action and get some work done pool-side…well not that much work.  OR, I can simply play some satellites and reduce my $1,500 entry fee for the next day.

Saturday June 9th:  I will hopefully have definitely slept in til at least 10am.  I’ll be playing in my first WSOP (NL$1,500)event after being shut out from last year’s NL$1,000 event (they ran out of chips and capped the event at 1,100 entries).  I’ll ensure I pre-register on Thursday or Friday.  This is a noon event, you get 3,000 chips, blinds start 25-50, 60 minute rounds.  Not bad.  They’ve decided to double the chips giving the perception the tourney will last longer.  Not a bad idea.  Stimulates early play.  This is a 3-day event and my goal is to make it to day two.  If I make the money, it’s a bonus, but figuring there will be over 2,000 players, I’ll need to make it likely to the top 150 to make money.  Heck…c’mon, set my sights high. 

Sunday June 10th:  Am hoping to continue playing in the NL$1,500 event from the WSOP, but if not, I may play some satellites to maybe, just maybe try to earn my way into the main event.  Long shot but what the hay. 

Monday June 11th:  This will be my ‘getaway’ day so will likely just partake in the cash games.  On an evening flight so I’m sure there will be some significant exhaustion in the air.


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In between Mickey Mouse, the pool and bar-b-q’ing, I wound up sneaking in a short 12-hour session at Commerce Sunday night.  I’m finding the players are getting a little better and table selection is still a problem for me.  Players aren’t playing as loose, and are being more aggressive.  What’s up with that?  I need to spend more time on this.  Although I know I can ‘hang’ with some very very solid players, I’d still prefer to play with not so tough competition.  Wound up nearly getting felted for the evening down to 125, when the SB raised (from 25) to 75, and I went all in with 10,10.  The original bettor called my bet and the SB put him all in….he wound up mulling for literally 3 minutes even showing his KK.  He had another $200 while the guy on my right had him well covered.  At this time there was about $380 in the pot.  He said he knew the other guy had AA.  Well if so, lay it down.  He called and AA trumped him.  I received a pardon hitting a 10 on the river and tripled up.  I worked that back to $650 and called it a morning.

I’m going to take the next week or so off from poker and focus on getting ready for the 96-hour session I’m going to have in LV in a couple of weeks.

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Long weekend

For the first time in a while, I simply decided to take the day off on Friday.  In the last four years, I really have not taken too much vacation.  Time is money as they say, but the ironic thing is without the ability to make significant money over that time, I rarely took time off.  I enjoy working but also enjoy playing.  There’s a profound sense of guilt when I take time off that I put on myself.  I don’t know why.  Weirdly enough, now that I’m working for myself 100% again, I find myself having more flexibility rather than a sense of accountability to those I worked with.  Ironic indeed, in many ways.

So when the wife hosted some visitors last week and decided to go to Disneyland, I originally was not going to go…but later thought that was silly, especially on the day before Memorial Day.  C’mon, who really worked that day?  So we make the trek to Anaheim on a glorious sunny southern California day.  It was a blast as a the park was not all that full and we were able to have the kids take full advantage of many of the park’s attractions.  We walked out around 6pm with Shane long asleep in my arms, his head resting on my shoulder.  Yep, good being a dad.

Ran around Saturday, and went on a 2 mile hike on a great LA walking trail.  We followed that up with a lazy Sunday vegging out by our pool and Monday with a cookout with friends over.  It was a nice weekend to clear the head and ready myself of the challenges again of starting a new business.  I really don’t plan on doing all that much different than I was other than be ready to squeeze myself financially as I fund this thing.  Add in there the impending move, our vacation at the end of June, my WSOP poker trip in early June, and well, it’ll be a stressful, yet exciting time.

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…and the winner is…The Atlanta Search Group, Inc.  It was between this and HUMINT Search Group, Inc.  I suppose simplicity stole the show.  I wanted something that people would easily understand.  I run the risk of getting lots of non-financial stuff but at least I know I won’t get any Los Angeles, Chicago or New York leads.  The domain name will be www.atlantasearchgroup.com when launched.

My pending deal with my current partners is now complete and there is a certain poignency of it all.   Here, if I fail, it is 100% my fault.  But if I succeed, I feel confident that the rewards will be there. 

It was nearly four years ago (June 1, 2003) that I started my own company, and at the time, I was nervous, I was uncertain I could build something larger, build something sustainable.  I was wrong, I most certainly could.  I was afraid I could not go it alone.  Of course I could.  I have learned a great deal over the last four years, some what to do, some what not to do, so I most certainly do not regret in the least the last four years of my professional life.  I will take these experiences and grow my new business into a thriving one, sustainable, respected, and reputable.  This is kind of a rambling on blog entry, but this is truly a new commencement period of my life, below marriage, having my child, graduation and the first go-around of starting my own business.  This one though very well could be the last time I start something new, which isn’t all that bad.  We’ll see what the future holds.

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NL335, Commerce

Taking advantage again of living out here and all the tournament circuits.  Had arranged to play on a Wednesday in the $335 tourney at Commerce.  I’ve hit a stale run of cards recently and this tournament didn’t do anything to correct that run.  The tournament structure is a little difficult with only 1,500 in starting chips, 25/25 blinds to start and 40 minute rounds.  Make 1-2 mistakes and you’re done early.  I’ve had good fortune in lasting for several hours in the last couple of tourneys I’ve played but sifting through fields of 400-650+,…you realize how difficult it is.  I’m now considering my feat of reaching two final tables last year in only eight tournaments pretty darn good now as I’m 0-3 in tourneys in 2007.

In late position I call 75 with A4 diamonds.  Questionable but I do have position.  Five to the flop of A4J.  Checks around to me and last to act, I bet 300 into the 375 pot.  Everyone folds but player on my right who after 30 seconds calls with what I believe to be a flush draw.  Next card 8 of spades which brings a potential flush.  Check-check.  River blank, but he bets out $300.  Screams of a value bet here but can I really lay down 2-pair here?  Turns out that 8 gave him Aces and Eights.  Ugh, called a pot-sized bet with Ace-rag?  Down to 600 in chips after that one.  So now I have to grind.

Still 25-25 blinds.  Button is on me and betting is 75 with four other players in front of me….so with the 300 in the pot, I look down at 7,7.  I should have pushed but instead I call.  Flop 3,4,6.  Someone leads out 200, call, call….ugh.  What do I do?  Lay down top pair?  I don’t have enough chips (about 525) to make anyone fold.  I opt to ‘gamble’ with top pair, moreso hoping to hit my 5 for a stright than 7 for a set (which would probably bring someone else a straight).  Turn comes a 4 and one guy goes all in (making me believe I’m dead to a seven).  Just about as guy on my right was playing 6,4 and filled up 4s full of 6s.  Five on the river.  Hit my straight but I’m out!  I’d have been in fantastic shape had I hit my card (probably $4,000 in chips).  Oh well.  Not very patient.  Lesson learned, premium hands early.

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Sitting here at one of my couple of breakfast locales in Los Angeles, Paty’s.  The song on the radio is ‘Midnight train to Georgia’.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment here that we are that much closer to a return.  Our tenants gave us 30-days notice the other day and will be out by mid-June.  This is both good and bad.  Good in the sense that it somewhat forces the issue of our return or finding another tenant.  Our lease in LA is up August 31st however so we’re looking at vacancy for two full months, I suppose that’s the bad part.  We will however be recarpeting and repainting several rooms since our tenants were smokers and frankly, it probably needed recarpeting anyway.  I’ll be back in mid-June to check out my tentants and begin the painting process, then recarpeting, so if anyone has any great (not good) recommendations, we’re looking at a sizable job.

With my pending return, I’m looking at a mid-August return.  With starting a new business, this summer is going to be absolute mayhem.  But such is life.

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…ok, finally able to sit after a little/big tough couple of sessions in Sin City last week.  I was in town for all of 36 hours and managed to have three consecutive losing sessions.  I actually played very well, but have very little to show for it.  Sets over sets, 1,2 and 3 outers.  My ‘favorite’, was flopping a set of fives which was bottom set on a board of 9,7,5, with two spades.  Not wanting to get flushed or straighted, I led out with a $40 bet into a $60 pot.  Button raises to $140 and I have a decent amount left, $400, enough to ‘inform’ him I’ve got him.  I push and he says do you have a set?  I actually say ‘yeah’.  He goes ‘well, it’s only another $260.  He turns over J,J (not even w/ the J of spades), but of course the J of spades comes on the turn and another spade on the river.  Neither of my 5s are spades.  And then there was the time I hit trip 5s with my 5,4 and led out $25 with my trip and was raised to $85.  I smooth call and a 10 hits the turn.  I check, he bets $100, I go all in for $350 and he of course calls with his 10s full of 5’s.  Yep, not my trip.  Oh well.

WSOP coming up in a few weeks.  Hopefully will have better luck then.

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