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Planning on playing in at least one of the events during the 2007 Legends of Poker tournament, probably the first event which is the $335NL Hold’em event next Thursday.  Unless I opt to play any other events more then $500, this may be my only event during this series of events.  I’m 0-fer 2007 (only four events entered – two at Commerce, one at the Bike last month, and one at the Venetian back in June).  I’ve finished around 70th in one at the Commerce where jester-mank busted out around 100th out of 650 players, but no money and then busted 43rd out of 540+ at the Venetian event when they paid the top 40.  So I’ve played ok, but nada to show for it.


So wish me well in next Thursday’s event.  If I cash, I may play in others, but then again, I reserve the right to play in others even if I don’t cash.  Can see how my streak of cash-games goes too.


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So it was just this past Friday I saw Drew at Bob’s Big Boy right down the street from beautiful downtown Burbank where TPIR is hosted.  I thought it was just another sighting but go figure Mr. Carey was in serious negotiations for Bob Barker’s old role.  The irony of it all was simply that I had been on TPIR a week earlier in Las Vegas.  Too funny.  I think he’ll be a solid host as some of it has to do with improv…  Maybe we’ll have to go catch the new Price when it comes on.careyprice1.jpg

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I hadn’t been getting on to the hill quite as much as I’d like to this summer.  Guess that’s what happens when you don’t manaage your own team.  But I have been playing lots of ‘other’ positions, first base being the position of choice this past weekend.  Considering I’m 36, it’s odd to say I’m still learning the position, but I am.  It’s actually fun.  I had a solid game this past weekend in our 10-6 win too, going 4-4 with a double and three runs scored.  Always nice to contribute and playing with wood is just that much better.

My steaming Yankees are taking advantage of their weaker schedule recently winning their first three series after the break versus Tampa Bay (twice) and Toronto and uncharacteristically taking three of four from the Angels right before the break to win 12 of their last 16.  They are now 7 1/2 games out of first and 6 out of the wild-card.  Pulling off a deal for Mark Tiexiera is not out of the question, but they may not need it.  I think a strong arm in the bullpen and getting Philip Hughes healthy could be the trick…..the Yanks are coming!

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Today’s Mindy’s Birthday.  And she doesn’t look a day over 26.  You’d never know she had a 3 year old much less what her age was.  She’s venturing off to Washington DC tomorrow, but thought I’d put a heartfelt Happy Birthday out there to my bride.

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I’ve only been playing poker competitively for about five years now but this next hand was a sign I have a long way to go to become a professional or at least play at much higher stakes.  I’m at the 2/5NL table at the Wynn this past weekend.  There is no maximum buy-in which means that you’re virtually guaranteed that someone will have you covered even if you have over $3,000 sitting in front of you.  I only buy in for $400 because I don’t like the big swings.  Anyway, this game was probably playing a little more like a $5/10 which I’m close to getting ready to play but just not ready.  The bankroll is starting to get healthier again with several wins in a row but I don’t want to get too overzealous.

Anyway, I’d been playing about an hour and was about even.  I had probably come across as fairly tight in the first hour so I raised in mid-position with KJ suited to $25.  I was called then raised by the button to $80.  The BB smooth called and I figured I was beat (easily) so I muck as does the fellow on my left.  Two to the flop.  9,7,Q rainbow.  The BB throws out a ‘feeler’ bet of $50 and the button player insta-calls and says, ‘hm, we must have the same hand’ where either they’d both mentioned or implied AK since the bet was small.  The turn was a 5.  The BB fires out $400 now into the $300 pot.  Nice healthy bet, but the button again, insta-calls.  With $1,100 in the pot we can’t wait for the river which was an 8.  The BB checks, the button says $200 and the quick goes all in, while the button insta-calls the $1,500 raise showing the nuts 10,6.  The BB is stunned! 

The button was the one that raised 10,6 on the button and the one that insta-called the $400 turn bet, figuring he could felt his opponent if he hits his double gut straight draw.  Sick.  The BB was stunned of course and locked up his seat and came back with another $1,000.  Just another day at the office I guess.

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Went to The Price Is Right on Saturday at Mindy’s whim.  We of course all grew up on the show and always wondered how’d we do if called up.  Well, we each shelled out 50 clams plus taxes and surcharges to enter the Jubilee Theater at Bally’s to watch TPIR-Live!  There were about 600 loony folks in the stands from a generation, or two, or three that grew up with the groping Bob Barker. popcorn.jpg

After about 20 minutes of ‘warming up the audience’, it was time to get the show on the road.  So they’re getting ready and the first contestant on contestant’s row………………………..”RICK STOCKFIELD, COME ON DOWN……”…… so handed my sunglasses and wallet over to Min (I was wearing gym shorts and the last thing I needed was for me to lose my poker-roll)….and I bolted out of my seat and decided to have fun with it…..I ran down the aisle jumped down the three steps and made my way to contestant’s row.  Then you look back and see 600 people looking at you….and think….gee….hope I don’t screw up!

I was joined by three women, one elderly lady that reminded me of the old woman from Titanic and two ‘definitely middle-aged house-wives’ from the mid-west.  The first item up for bid this popcorn maker.  The thing looked like a piece of shit, made from hard plastic and shoddily put together……and I’m thinking $35-45 tops…maybe $69.99…..  The first woman bids $75….I’m thinking too high….second woman $350 (definintely loony), third woman $125….and now I know I have them….there’s only one strategy which makes sense here.  I eat up the attention now and have hundreds yelling at me…..ONE DOLLAR…..c’mon Rick!!!!  So I say, “gotta do it….ONE DOLLAR”, the crowd erupts! 

And the actually retail price is….$100….

What?  You kidding me?  Bull-shit, I want a recount.  How’d I lose?  And the answer lies with that this item came out of the freakin’ Skymall.  You know the overpriced magazine you see in your seat compartment in front of you on the plane?  Had they said that, I’d have bet $300 and probably still have lost.  I only had one shot at winning before getting a T-shirt and moping back to my seat. 

All in all it was fun, but no way was this thing $100!

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I was in Las Vegas this past weekend with another couple with whom we had not seen in quite some time.  They now live in Belgium but I used to work with Stephanie at KPMG and it was great to see them after three years.  We stayed at the Wynn and one thing I really wanted to do was stop by the Rio and just witness a short bit of the WSOP Main Event.

When I was there on Saturday, they were down to 47 players.  It was pretty intense.  We saw Scotty Nin-gin as my wife pronounced it and Scotty was being his usual (yeah, baby) self.  Although right as he got up for one of the breaks (also after losing a hand), this woman comes up to him and blatantly asks him, “…you lost, are you out?”.  You could tell he was irked but he was alive and well.  He finished in 11th place, pocketing over $476,000.

It was pretty neat with all the ESPN crews and cheering sections but the rest of the room was somewhat dormant. 

They’re down to nine now:  Seat 1 – Jon Kalmar – 20.32 million Seat 2 – Lee Childs – 13.24 million Seat 3 – Philip Hilm – 22.07 million Seat 4 – Jerry Yang – 8.45 million Seat 5 – Raymond Rahme – 16.32 million Seat 6 – Tuan Lam – 21.315 million Seat 7 – Alex Kravchenko – 6.57 million Seat 8 – Lee Watkinson – 9.925 million Seat 9 – Hevad ‘Rain’ Khan – 9.205 million.

More on my Vegas trip to come including hookahs, Price is Right, SU Basketball, and of course my short sessions including one of the sickest played hands I think I’ve ever personally witnessed.

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