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6-0, 6-0, 6-1

Look like tennis scores huh?  Yes, actually they are.  I picked up my first tennis racquet yesterday in over three years, purchasing one yesterday and then going out and blowing away a baseball teammate of mine on the tennis court.  When I was 8 or 9 years old I recall my grandfather asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I always stated ‘a baseball player’.  That somewhat disappointed him as he always love the sport of tennis.  Tennis back in the late 70’s didn’t have a lot of teeth and wasn’t followed as much as it is today.  Certain the days of McEnroe and Connors everyone remembers but for a nine year old kid, tennis didn’t have a lot of appeal.   That being said, I always played here and there, but never in a league. 

So here I was having blown away one of my friends out here in racquetball and him stating he was a much better tennis player.  I figured tit-for-tat, I’d let him crush me in tennis figuring I’d at least not be embarrassed.  My serve was still spot on and possibly better than it was years ago having hand-cuffed him several times.  Not one to patronize, I played hard the whole way.  He actually is a very good athlete and I definitely think I took him by surprise.  At 36, it was fun defeating a 32 year old and feeling good about being in decent shape.

Next up, golf?  Nah.  Although up for the challenge if challenged of course.


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So today is the big day, the 2007 World Series of Poker kicks off at the Rio in Las Vegas.  It was an event that I certainly would like to play in one day, but let’s face it, $10,000 is a lot to pony up to play in a silly card game.  That being said, I am a little (lot) jealous of the other 6,000-8,000 individuals that feel compelled to throw their money into this event.  For most, it’s an opportunity to hob-nob with the poker elite, for some dreamers it’s a way to become a millionaire, while for several true professionals, it’s a way to go after ‘dead’ money. 

I mean in what other World Championship can Joe and Janet Q. Public shell out money to play alongside Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Peyton Manning, Steve Nash, etc.  None.  Where else can someone turn $10,000 into $10,000,000 in just under two weeks while claiming fame.  None.   For 95% of the field, they’ll be lucky to get their money back for the remaining individuals they’ll be playing for glory and a huge prize pool.

I’ve only managed to tack on $2K onto my poker bankroll since moving to LA.  Just $2K.  The good news is that I’ve not lost any money.  The bad news is that in order to be able to afford such an event, it’d either have to come out of my poker bankroll which would deplete it, or I’d need a sponsor.  I’m thinking my new company will simply have to sponsor me next year.  Why not?  But that’s 12 long months away and alot can go on from now until then.  Hard work will simply dictate whether I’ll be able to afford such frivolity.  I think I can do well in such an event but sifting through thousands of players, crazy.  Heck, I busted out after only six minutes in the largest event ($1k) I’d even played just earlier this week.  That being said, I do have confidence in my playing ability and level, but do realize I still have a lot to learn about this game.

My goal (stated here) is to pony up that amount next year and do place.  Let’s see in 12 months whether that goal will be realized.

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The 5th of July

Just another Thursday here in Los Angeles.  I’m here at Bob’s Big Boy eating lunch (breakfast) and working away via the laptop.  It’s interesting and refreshing working alone again.  I tell folks I know that one of the biggest differences between this go-around and the last one is that four years ago, I thought I could build a business.  I was confident I could do so.  However, four years later, I know I can.  How big I elect to grow it is up to me.

I feel confident in my abilities.  However if I fail, I place blame 100% on myself, however if I succeed I also place blame directly on myself.  I am in the process of starting to conjure up some goals for myself for the coming months and 12-month period.  I have yet to do a budget.

But I do need to start thinking about whether I will be ‘growing’ a company or sustaining one.  I realize some of my limitations and own short-comings.  I’m not a good manager to those that need to be managed.  However, provide me those with business smarts, strong will, solid aptitude and someone that truly wants to succeed and I can elicit my expertise, my experiences and mentor them to success.

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I was to travel to Vegas on Monday to play in the $100K freeroll tourney for which I had qualified for logging 50 hours of play during the month of June (when a bunch of us were there during the WSOP last month).  There were two starting times, 11am and 7pm.  I had wanted the latter but they’d said I was already schedule for the 11am.  Still planning on going I woke at 4am ready to drive to Vegas and then really lost my desire to drive four hours through the desert and back.  Yes, I’d have been able to play some cash games at the Rio with the WSOP still going on, but the drive would have killed me.  Plus it would have been another full day away from family. 

I got the itch however in the afternoon to play though and somewhat regretted my initial decision.  To make up for that I opted to drive down to the Bicycle Club and play in the Mini-WSOP Main Event which was a $1,000 + $70 buy in.  I’d never played more than a $500 but felt pretty good about my play.  In spite my being 0-3 in 2007 tournaments.  I sat down drew the button (good omen right?).  First hand everyone folds to me and I have only K5 suited and raise 150 (blinds were 25-50 and you started with 10K in chips).  Woops?  I threw in a 500 instead of a 100!  So I actually raised 500 into the two blinds.  The big blind actually called me.  Fortunately he checked the raggety flop and I bet 700 to win it.

Hand Six – the guy first to act raises to 200, and I call with only [6s][7s] hoping to hit a flop, which I did.  Flop [6d][9s][Js] for bottom pair and a flush draw.  Original bettor bets 300, I raise to 900, he re-raises to 2,900.  I ponder.  If I hit my card, I double through him and am in great shape at 20,000 chips.  If not, I’m only down to 7,000 or so and still have plenty to play with.  Turn card [8h].  Great, now I pick up an open ended straight draw.  Opponent checks to me.  Wow.  I was prepared to release if he bet big putting him on an overpair.  Why would he check?  I sense weakness and push all in, my last 7,000 into the over 7,000 chip pot.  He ponders for about four seconds and says ‘I cannot lay this down’.  He calls and turns over KK.  I have actually 19 outs (any spade, any 5, any 6, any 7, any 9 and really am only about a 60-40 dog).  Ace of clubs on the river and I’m done….six hands in.  Ouch. 

I later rethought the hand.  Other than the fact I could have thrown away the hand to a reraise (to 2,900), I like my play and have zero regrets…other than now being down $1,070! 

I bought into the cash game at about 7:15pm and played until 3am….where I wound up winning back nearly everything.  I won back $925 for a net loss on the night of only (-$145).  Whew!  And I’m home with my family, got to play in a big event, and got the bug out of my system. 

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