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Ok, so the 90210 part isn’t from NY, but always like to start my blog entries if I see celebs with that.  This morning’s entry is from the Starbucks in Toluca Lake next to Bob’s where Tiffani Thiessen was getting cup of java to start her morning off.  The former 90210 and Saved by the Bell start looked good and not ‘worn’ like some other celebs.  Moving on…

It was great being able to see the nephews and neice this past week.  As time goes on the kids just keep getting bigger and biggers…as does Shane.  He and his cousin Cyan are about the same age, size, weight and it makes for a fun time seeing them patrol around together.  Cy is a tad more outgoing as he’s used to being accosted by his older brother Tyler, but he played well with Shane.  Nick and Kayla were also very good with Shane too.  We all went to the Dutchess County Fair last week and that was an adventure with kids of all ages.  But all in all fun was had by all.  Stuffed animals won, rides went on and junk food…can you beat it?  Don’t think so.

Mr. Shane did very well on the 5 1/2 hour flight back from Bradley to LAX and a gentleman was nice enough to swap seats with me so Shane could lay across 2 1/4 seats while I squished into 3/4 of one.  But the nearly 3 hour nap he took paid off as it was a pain-free flight.


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Had a good friend of ours, Lou Roloff, get married last weekend out on Long Island.  It was a nice ceremony and reception, rather uneventful and nothing interesting to write about.  Both the bride and groom looked ecstatic and it was great to catch up with friends.  Our stay at the historic Garden City Hotel however was quite the contrary.  For such an historic and opulent hotel, I was left rather disappointed and surprised.

We had taken a redeye in the previous night and slept only a little earlier in the day.  We arrived at the hotel at around 4pm and surprisingly they scampered to find our room….with two double beds, yuck.  I had stopped by the room to drop off stuff and went to go workout, however noticed a stuffiness in room.  I turned on the air and left.  By the time I’d gotten back, Min had already called the front desk and was having us moved due to the ‘body-odor’ smell.

They had us moved to the only room they had…the Presidential Suite.  Apparantly Senator and Former First Lady Ms. Hillary Clinton stayed in that same suite, or at least half of it, previously.  We got the side of the suite without a bed (got a pullout couch).  Even had a bidet in our room…  cimg06321.jpg  …and it was a nice looking room….but sleeping on a pullout couch sucked…feet hanging off the end and had to pry myself under the covers thanks to a little rip in the sheets.  We did have a nice balcony/deck which was nice, however the dozen or so cigarette buttons in the flower beds somewhat detracted from the ambience out there.  The notification upon checkout resulted in a generous 50% discount in our room rate.  Doesn’t hurt to announce ones displeasure.

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So Shane and I got back from New York on Friday and we had a busy weekend here in LA.  It was a busy week and I’ll discuss in a few more upcoming posts, but strange happening, very “L.A.” in leaving our place this morning. 

We went out to breakfast this morning and I noticed a vehicle with an occupant sitting idly across the street from our complex this morning.  That car across the street were paparazzi. I believe the paparazzi were looking for Shane. Whatcha think?  Maybe I’ll take a flier on this kid…looks like he could have a bright future.


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Headed to New York/CT for the week and in a sense looking forward to it and in another not.  Probably moreso than not however.  It’ll be nice to see friends and family, but with so much going on in our lives it’s always tough to get away.  Launching the new business has taken a lot of time, energy and effort and dealing with all of lifes little things is always challenging – renting out our house, registering Shane for pre-school, paying a mortgage & rent, juggling work, family and trying to find time for play.  But as mentioned it’ll be nice to see Shane playing with his cousins Tyler, Kayla, Nick and Cyan.

Headed to a wedding Saturday night on the Island of our friend Lou Roloff and we wish Louis the best.  I went to graduate school and undergrad with him and he was my late night gambling bud – we used to take midnight trips to Turning Stone Casino when it first opened in the summer of 1993.  Now our Lou is all grown up, lol. 

I’ll be pit-stopping in Foxwoods on Tuesday night with one of my high-school buds JP and hopefully we can get Mr. Engmann there too.  Wrapping up the trip later in the week by giving the Dutchess County Fair another go-around.  It’s probably been 15 years since I’ve done that fair.  Time goes a little too quickly.  Headed back to the west coast next Friday and I’m sure I’ll crash.  Red-eye tonight will make things ‘fun’ but very little choice other than to waste a full-day in the air.  Happy trails.

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I grew up a Yankees fan.  Only those that grew up listening to and watching WPIX in New York and taking in ball games broadcast by the great Phil Rizzuto can understand what a loss this is for Yankee fans.  I can only fathom the loss those who actually grew up watching ‘The Scooter’ play feel.  He had a distinguishable voice, a great sense of humor and humility and never had a problem making fun of himself first.  To say he was simply entertaining would be a dishonor.  He was colorful, passionate and one of the true-est Yankees through and through.  There’s no mistaking his “Holy Cow” will be missed as his bickerings with (Bill) White on air.  We’ll miss you Scooter!


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So back in late June this year, Min and I were headed down to Southern California, specifically near San Diego on vacation.  We had already booked two nights at the Four Seasons and another night at a nice Surf & Sand Hotel just up the road from there.  We thought one more night may be nice and thought that a bed and breakfast, B&B, would be nice.  Turns out that Tori Spelling’s B&B would be interesting and since we hadn’t been at a B&B in years, it’d be a perfect time.  I however could not make reservations after emailing twice and calling on three separate occasions.  So what gives? 

Well, with the new Tori & Dean Inn Love show coming out apparantly, there’s news now that it’s just a staged show and the house is being rented out and was never owned by Tori & Dean (see link).  I’d be interested if anyone else knew anything about this.  Not many reviews but the first review on this one page probably mimics what many have been coming up against.  Guess I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case….it’d be perfect for ‘Hollywood’. 

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hookahs.jpgbri-steph.jpgI had forgotten about one last fun outing we had in Las Vegas from a few weeks back when we were in town with our friends Brian & Steph.  Brian reminded me with his blog entry.  We went to a hookah bar.  A what?  Brian had this urge to go to a hookah bar which is a  multi-stemmed, glass-based, pipe device for smoking.  They’re Indian in decent and big in the Arab world.  So we set off to find this one hookah bar off the strip and it happened to be happy hour in which all the hookahs were half-priced.  We each tried it…I believe

ettled on the cherry flavored tobacco.  I’m posting three pics…one of our friend Brian who looks cool smoking the hookah, one of Brian and Stephanie with a nice Vegas backdrop, and one of me…looking absolutely ridiculous but hopefully the other two pictures off-set this one?


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