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The 11-day diet, take II

The 11-day diet’s first go-around had mixed results.  I’d lost 5.6 of the 9.o pounds promised.  But Thanksgiving was in there and I seemingly neglected to read the part about drinking 12-cups of water daily.  The three day ‘binging’ they allow you afterward produced two extra pounds onto my body, thanks to pizza, chicken fried rice, and anything starchy I could get my hands on.  I did find I had a ton of energy yesterday when resuming my workouts after a couple of days off.  I killed the legs yesterday at the gym and the abs as well.

We start this version of the 11-day diet at 195.8.  Still down 3lbs overall from the start of the overall diet and 6.8lbs. from my original weight loss quest from five weeks ago.  Water, water, water.  I’m going to be living in the john the next 264 hours!  Ugh.


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Virgin America has an airfare special going on right now which is ridiculously low, like $238 or $228 RT and if you use a special code – ELEVATE25 – you can get 25% off that rate!  Wow.  Book by December 7th, fly by early March.  If you were ever to come to LA to visit, now’s the time. 

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Played in another event at the Bike last night, a NL$335 with 158 participants.  This was a gut-wrenching tournament.  2000 in chips, 40 minute levels.  I’d played five levels and was never above 2,100 in chips.  Short stacked for the WHOLE tournament, I’d forgotten what a challenge and different game this is.  I did well to keep my composure and steal blinds and antes, and pick my spots of raising all-in rather than calling all-in.  Big difference and it kept me having an edge with a short stack.

I folded 7,7 when a guy raised in early position.  The guy behind me had AA so dodged a bullet there.  Layed down KQ in a similar situation and would have lost.  Better to raise with such hands than call with them.  Down to four tables and 30 participants and in the 300-600 (100 ante) round.  I have 4,800 in chips so still short stacked.  UTG limps in for 600 and I have 5,5.  I opt to push and Q,Q behind me calls.  No help and done.

Again, the goal is no longer to just cash, but to make the final table.  Cashing would’ve been fine, but there wasn’t enough of a prize pool to make that worth my while ($460).  I’ll likely play one more during this series of tournaments which ends December 9th.

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I don’t normally post about stupid people because that’s bad Karma….but I’m making an easy exception here.  This guy actually tried to pass this $1,000,000 bill off as real.  Everyone knows they stopped printing million dollar bills in the 70’s.  Geez and that it’s supposed to be President Kennedy on the bill not that imposter below!


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The 11-day diet concludes

The 11-day (lose 9 lbs) has run its course.  I followed it fairly close.  The results?  Not horrible…I went from 198.8 down to 193.2.  The last 3-days have been flat-lined which isn’t horrible considering it was right after Thanksgiving.  However, in addition to the 5.6 lbs lost, were some solid lessons about ensuring I ate four meals a day, watched what I ate and am eating in moderation.

If I elect to continue on the 11-day diet, I get three days of eating anything I want, then I’d begin again on Friday.  I may opt to do just that.  I’ll eat those things I’ve craved the last two weeks like pizza, pancakes and maybe even wings, but I don’t see myself gorging really.  It’ll all have to come off at sometime. 

Today’s also a day of no workout after several straight days, I look forward to just being lazy and allowing the body to rest and gain back the strength I’ve been working towards.  Come tomorrow (working out) and Friday (diet), I’ll be back at it.  Stuck on 193.2, with A LONG way to go.  I’ll need to be a little more strict this time (I think I didn’t drink enough water).  I’ll update in the middle of my next 11-day diet which starts Friday.

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The Thanksgiving gorge

So right in the middle of this ’11-day diet’ comes this holiday where you’re supposed to ‘feast’.  Ugh.  Thursday was the day for ‘only’ vegatables according to my diet.  Well, no way was I missing this – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans – the wifey did it right!  Good job Mindy – Jim thanks you too.  Two full plates will make me hit the gym more this week.  I did feel not so good though afterwards as my body’s getting used to smaller (healthier) meals. 

Hit my veggie day yesterday and back on track.  I’m on day 9 of 11 and down 5.6 lbs. so not sure I’m going to lose the other 5.4 in two days.  I’ll work hard but seemingly looking as if I’m going to come up a little short.  Working out today, tomorrow and Monday so will have those going for me.  Tipped in at 193.2 this morning and started the wager and 11-day diet at 198.8.  Again, time of day weighed (lower in the morning – higher in the evening) and amount of water weight I’m holding on to probably skew the numbers somewhat.

I feel as though I’m starting to hit a steady jog in this bet but there’s a long way to go.

Interestingly enough, a guy at the poker table at the Bike yesterday when we were talking about this wager (I’d ordered a plate of celery and carrots and was seemingly ridiculed in jest) thought that ‘the guy that had to gain the weight’ had the edge.  I still don’t know who does.  I  think if you’re talking doing this healthily, then it’s an equal bet.  He seems fairly determined, but I’ve got a long way to go as does he.  For him to go from 158 to 178 and me from 198 to 178, this is going to be an interesting 6-7 weeks, especially with the December holiday season upon us.  It’s one thing over the summer, but winter loss of weight not corresponding with any New Year’s resolution?  Ugh.

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So have been on an upswing in my poker play recently, mostly tournament-wise and super confident.  Which means you know I’m in for a downturn!  So after a ‘fun’ day at the outlet malls sift through obese, rude, smoking patrons at the Commerce outlet shops with the family, I obtained a hall pass and ventured the few extra miles to the Bike to play in the NL335, event 2 at the Bike.  2000 in chips and 40 minute rounds.  As mentioned, after cashing in my last three tourneys, I was due for a let down.  Could have been in my head but I think the over-confidence did not help, although the cards are what they are….

Second hand in and on the button, I elect to call the 75 raise by the guy that just lost about 700 in the previous pot. Four to the flop (I have K7 hearts).  Flop – 689 two hearts.  Ok, so I’m open ended and drawing at the flush!  Checks around to the pre-flop raiser who bets 300 into the 300 pot.  I sit back and ponder what I ‘should’ have done – call raise fold.  I elect to call.  900 in the pot.

Turn, blank.  He goes all in.  Now it’s 900 into a 900.  I win this pot and I’m in very good shape, I lose it and I’m in not so good shape.  I put him on an overpair, so I know I’m behind, but I have 15 outs or so (any heart (9), any 5 (3 more) or 10 (3 more), any King (3 more) – so up to 18 outs, and it will cost me 900 to win 1800 or so.  I have about 35-36% chance of winning the hand, so it’s right around the right odds – according to my math and now just a decision…do I do it or not.  I elect to call and he turns over 10,10, so two more of my outs are gone….and nothing hits the river.

I’m sure my math was a little flawed, but in hind-site if I was to do anything, I should have raised the flop, putting pressure on him.  He still may have called, but at least it’d be a tough decision for him.  I may be beating myself up a little, but that’s ok.  I went out with AK a few hands later, so probably a little (lot) impatient.  The name of the game is survival, but it’s also chip accumulation.  I should have been a lot more patient.  Everyone needs to be knocked from their pedestal every now and then.

Played like a donk in the cash games afterwards, although having your Aces cracked pre-flop by Queens for 300 will do that to you too (he raised to 40 preflop with no other action – so I put him on JJ – and I pushed and he instacalled – at least it (the Q) was on the flop to make it easier).  Never went on any run of cards, never flopped any sets, and was card dead for the few hours.  All told, back to grinding.  I’m going to try to play in at least two of the Bike events which are the last series of tournaments lasting through December 9th.  2007 cashes – 5 of 17 now, 29%.

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