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Wynn visit – day two

Played until about 2am last night putting in a solid 8-hour poker ‘work’ day.  Cashed out a whopping $33 of which I was honestly pleased with considering at one point in the session I was down about $650. 

I had started at a table which was frustrating – players getting up for 30 minutes at a time, leavng us short handed,…they’d come back for 30 minutes, and leave again.  Frustrating.  The floor person wasn’t much help and a little rude actually when I said something and he stated ‘they can’t control people eating’….  Anyway, a couple of hours in there’s a big pre-flop raise to $30 in early position.  One call and I look down at JJ.  I’m in mid-position with four people to act behind me.  What do you do?  I elected to smoothe call.  three other callers!  Wow, for a pre-flop 6-player pot of over $180.  Flop J,7,4 all diamonds.  Two checks.  I think and I have to think what the best possible way to play this is.  I have about $350 in front of me, and if I throw in $100-150, I’m pot committing myself if someone’s flopped a flush.  And even if they did, I still have 10-outs.  I simply elect to move-all-in to scare away the ace or king of diamonds.  Button shows his cards to the the player on his left and says ‘I’m going to call’.  Everyone else folds and the guy flopped a King high flush (K8) – yes he called $30 with that – I suppose he was getting odds.  No paired board and I’m felted. Tough when you flop top set and lose.  At worst though, I was only about a 60-40 dog.

Well, I buy back in donk off another $200 until the cards and my play change a little.  I pick my spots, little semi-bluffs.  Good reads on certain players (same guy that flopped the flush, opted to throw $35 bluff into a $60 pot when it was checked until the river).  Me just having Ace high (AQ), called him and he states “queen high”.  I threw over my Ace high and he is stunned I called him with no pair.  But that move also gave me the confidence to start playing better poker and essentially win back $600 and leave about even for the session.

It’s 10:45am here and an hour and a half from the $1060 NL event here at the Wynn – event two.  I’m struggling now about shelling out $1,000 for this event enen though I’ve earmark the funds out of the poker account and somewhat readied myself.  I’ve been on a little negative streak lately and am not quite feeling the mojo.  Haven’t made a concrete decision quite yet, but I may elect to skip this one and veg today; do a little work, lounge by the pool, hit the spa…actually relax and get myself ready mentally for a good poker evening.

Trying to close one of the biggest deals in my eight years of recruiting today and so kind of got that on my mind too since the economy is slowing and placements have been a little more difficult to come by.  I’m here to relax not stress over a $1K tourney buy-in.  For tourneys, I’m a firm believer now having played in 35 now in the last two years that you have to be mentally ready.  I’m not sure I’m there right now.


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The Wynn Classic this week

The wife is great, allowing me the opportunity to get away twice per year on solely poker trips.  The second will be during the World Series of Poker later this year (June 11-16) while this coming weekend I’ll be on my way to Las Vegas both staying at the Wynn and playing there too during the Second Annual Wynn Classic.  This somewhat less publicized event was put on last year in one of the classiest poker rooms in all of Vegas and in the US as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll be playing in day two of the NL$540 event on Thursday (with day one being Wednesday).  They’ll play X number of levels, probably seven) until slightly more than half the field is gone and we’ll play the same number of levels on day two (day one for that day’s entrants).  Should I get busted on Thursday, I plan on playing the NL$1060 on Friday.  Both tourneys start with 4,000 in chips and blinds 25-50.  The former starting with 45 minute levels while the latter has 60 minute levels.


Results – out 6th round (200-400-25).  Only got one big hand in the nearly four hours I played (QQ vs. JJ where I doubled up to about 6500 in chips), but simply never picked up anything.  Boring honestly.  Ugh.  Questioning now shelling out $1K for tomorrow.  I think I’ll play a satellite or two to see if I can get in that way. 

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Had my sister, brother-in-law and neice & nephew (Kayla & Nick) in town this past weekend for a long weekend visit.  They got in late Wednesday and stayed through Sunday early morning.  The trip was comprised of a long drive through the Hollywood Hills, Studio City, and Beverly Hills as well as stops at Dave & Busters, Universal City Walk, Disneyland, and a trip down to Hollyweird right before the Oscar night.  No celeb sightings (other than Zac’s and Stefano’s cars and Bob Hope’s and Miley Cyrus’ homes and neighborhood) so sorry guys, but I still think they had fun.

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Parsonage Turner Syndrome

A child-hood friend of mine, and proud owner of the New Jersey Roadkill was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome.  Parsonage Turner Syndrome is an illness that attacks a cluster of nerves in the shoulder rendering the hand partially (and temporarily) paralyzed.  In this case it is his left hand.  It is characterized by three weeks of intense pain followed by a period of “more manageable” pain.  He will be undergoing physical and occupational therapy soon. 

So on behalf of all of us Todd, get better and you’re in our thoughts!  Are you sure you don’t want to trade you first round draft pick for Curt Schilling?

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Hadn’t played in a tourney in a few weeks since bubbling in the last NL$545 in early February.  This event drew around 600+ participants and was to pay the top 63.  Played well early, tight-aggressive flopping two sets and having two flush draws push on me, both missing.  During the 200-400 (50) round, I’d gotten as high at 15K in chips so I was in very good shape.  Then…the cards stopped coming.  By the 400-800 (100) round, I’d had only about 10K and was waiting…and waiting…and waiting….for any hand to push….3,2 – J,8 – K2 – A2 – 8,3…and the crappy hands went on and on….  I pride myself in being able to effectively play the short stack, but geez, this was ridiculous.  Finally down to about 4,500 and in late position, I picked up A9 of hearts and shoved.  AQ off raised all in and then 9,9 called him.  Three to the flop with me a huge dog now dominated by both hands.  Two hearts on the flop gave me hope, and a red card on the river gave me a rise, til I saw a diamond.  Bumped at around 85th (9 tables left).  This is getting frustrating.  Only one cash in five this year.

On the bright side, I did have a 20-30 minute experience playing with POY David Pham.  It’s funny to me these guys playing in these little $500 events, but there was Pham, Men the Master, Amir Vahedi, Jerry Yang, that fat guy that was on Survivor, etc.  Anyway, I get moved to Pham’s table and he and I both have the same amount of chips, 7500, in the 100-200 round.  Fortunately, I was seated to his left.  Nice guy actually.  The only hand we tangled, a guy raised to 600 UTG and Pham thought for a couple of secs and called.  I look down at two red nines.  I shove putting Pham on maybe KQ or a mid pair or he’d have raised.  The pre-flop raiser who only had 2500 actually folded a little surprisingly and Pham thought for about 20 seconds and says to me ‘you have AK’….I don’t make a damn sound!  He mucks and still says, you have AK, I know it’.  We’d passed in our seat cards so I know I’ll likely never play with him again, so I show my 9,9…he says he folded 8,8.  Who knows.  Don’t care.  I survived the 2007 Player of the Year.

Overall again, I played ok.  But let’s face it…you have to pick up cards and I went card dead the last two hours.  Had I hit that heart…who knows.  But another top 20% finish sounds good but no money to show for it.

Next up – next week two events, NL540 and NL1060 during the Wynn Classic in Vegas.

It’s funny to see all THE players starting to infiltrate the Commerce….Todd Brunson, Barry Greenstein, Miami John Cernuto, David Benyamine, Layne Flack, and Allen Cunningham were all to be seen this evening playing cash games.  Amazing their 30-50K in front of each guy as if it was nuttin!

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I played cards a couple of weeks ago when in Atlanta and it dawned on me that I don’t pay enough attention to the other player’s professions.  In addition to possibly providing me some additional insight into my adversaries at the table, I always seem to overlook the possibility of networking and assisting those folks.  So why not use my blog to assist me in my professional life.  So for any of those who knew I was a recruiter but didn’t know (or care) to know for what disciplines…here goes.

I recruit mostly for Fortune 500/1000 companies mostly in Atlanta – Coke, Home Depot, Old Castle, Deloitte, Cox, Infor, Global Payments, Georgia Pacific, Cousins Properties,…but you name’em I’ve probabably worked with them in the past.

Whom do I recruit – mostly mid level professionals beginning to mid-stages of their careers – 2-5, 5-8, 8-15 years of experience, comps in the $45-100K range.  Staff, Seniors and Managers.  Occassionally Director level.

Disciplines covered – accounting, finance, tax, audit, treasury, both permanent and contractors.

So there you have it.  I’ve had good success from obtaining referrals over the last 6-8 months and typically ‘take care of those’ that watch out for me.  So thanks for the referrals and for any of those looking for a good recruiter….well, you know….

My web site is usually updated with current opportunities www.atlantasearchgroup.com and I do the occassional out of town relocation too – ie. Burger King (Miami) for example but mostly in the southeast for anyone looking to relocate. (1095/125).

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No travel, no poker, no zoo, no museum, no nothing really.  What a fantastic weekend.  For the first time in a while we did virtually nothing.  Considering that every weekend this year we’ve had plans and every weekend from now through May we have plans, this weekend was a nice breather.

We did attend the Syracuse University Alumni gathering yesterday at Universal Studios.  It was a kick-off for the University’s fund raising campaign.  It was well attended and well done.  Of course this comes at a price of supporting the alma mater but since they did just destroy Georgetown in basketball – 77-70 (they’d had a 21 point lead actually)…I guess I can pony up a few bux.

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