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Movers came yesterday and and whoah we have a lot of sh*t.  I mean, how much stuff can one family have considering we’re only  family of three.  We’ll you’d be surprised!  I man when you buy and buy and buy and buy over 10 years and you don’t throw away anything, well, it adds up. 

We fly out tomorrow and get in tomorro night and then turn around on Monday and leave for Orlando for a week…an actual vacation.  I had heard about this ‘vacation’ thing many years ago, but had always wondered what it would be like.  Finally.

I’ll type of one last email tonight or tomorrow about my ventures in Los Angeles and then it’s “Stockfield back in Atlanta’…a new blog title!


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So, several days ago I post that I played a level 5 tournament online and made it to level 6 on PokerStars and that I wasn’t sure when I was looking to play the level 6.  I’d want to be in good spirts, be able to concentrate, etc.  I was even talking to Mindy last night about it and showed her that there was only one person registered and then I registered (you can unregister) and waited 10-20 minutes and still only two of us registered.  I played a little small limit poker while watching some TV and headed to bed.  Well, I FORGOT TO UNREGISTER!!!!  Again, all I had to do was play and finish in the top six to make money!  The payouts were as follows:

1st place – $10,000 seat to main event, plus $2,500 in spending money

2nd  & 3rd place – $1,500

4th & 5th places – $1,000

6th place – $500

I FORGOT TO UNREGISTER.  The silver lining is such.  I get an email from PokerStars as follows:

PokerStars Tournament #84921020, No Limit Hold’em
Super Satellite
Buy-In: $2000.00/$100.00
9 players
Total Prize Pool: $18000.00
Target Tournament #79797979 Buy-In: $10000.00
1 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started – 2008/04/16 – 04:26:02 (ET)

Dear RolllingRick,

You finished the tournament in 4th place.
A $1,000.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Thank you for participating.

What???  Yes, I was blinded out and finished in 4th place and sure enough, there’s $1,000 extra in my account (only had $200 in there anyway).  So, in one sense I messed up and lost out on my chance for essentially $12,500 prize, but on the flip side, I’d have had to have played and finished better than fourth place to do better than I did, without even playing a single hand.  Plus, I’d have had to stay up it looks like until nearly 1:30AM to do this.  Whew!

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The Tax Man Cometh!

It happens every year.  April 15th.  If you’re the average Joe, you’ve done your patriotic duty and paid Uncle Sam what he is due and trust George and our elected officials to do with our money what they feel is in the ‘best interests’ of our country.  Noble thought.  I’ve been watching the John Adams series on HBO and it makes you long for 1785 or so, but all in all I wouldn’t want the country to be any other way.  That being said, and in as much as I pride in doing my patriotic duty in paying my taxes every year, it makes no sense the get reamed by Mr. Sam every year and increasingly so year after year.

Last year I got slammed because not only did we owe more tax last year, which I was unaware of, but since my esteemed ex-partners opted to file their business taxes later in ’07, I had to pay interest and penalties for not filing on April 15th.  I won’t be making the same leap of faith in ’08 finally being responsible and getting my stuff in by tomorrow.  The problem is (and I suppose it’s a good problem), in this fine country of yours, when you make more you have to pay more tax!  Hm.  Go figure.  But, stuff like not being able to write off my mortgage interest because it was not our primary place of residence, then having to pay Los Angeles rent, private school for Shane, plus our nanny costs, um, yeah.  Kind of adds up.  I’ve actually calculated that in spite of Mrs. S’ increased wages out here, that we actually make less than when we were in Atlanta. 

So now my tax accountant’s informing me I need to write a large check tomorrow.  Great.  That’ll be fun!

“Read my lips: No new taxes.” – George Bush Sr. – 1990

“No over my dead body will they raise your taxes.” – George W. Bush – 2002

“The federal tax code is a disgrace to the human race.” – Jimmy Carter

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Last Bicycle ride

Had an old bud in town, Alec, this weekend and he and I hit the Bike on Thursday evening.  They were having a NL120 event which had ‘only’ 615 participants.  Busted out after six rounds and no cards.  I made one big laydown but even in hindsite I’m thinking maybe the right one.

Starting chips, 2000 and 30 minute rounds.  Blinds were 50-100 and I have about 2,200 in chips and this was the last hand of the round before the break and next round of 100-200.  I raise to 300 in late position with KQ suited and called by the button and BB.  1000 in the pot and a flop of J,10,3 two diamonds.  I bet out 500 and the button goes all in.  I’m left with a decision for my tournament life…a draw.  He could be on a diamond draw, could be AJ,… Either way, I’m likely behind.  I opted to lay it down after a minute of debate.  He later said he had AJ, which means I had probably 12 outs (three Kings, three Queens, three Nines, and three Aces) so I was likely just a slight dog on the flop.  I figured I could still work with 1400 in chips even in a 100-200 round.

I built my 1400 up to 2,600 and when it was raised to 800 buy the guy ahead of me, I pushed with my JJ.  He had AQ and flopped two queens,turned an ace and I was done.  Get your money in with the best hand.

Alec didn’t fare as well busting a round earlier.  The good news is that it was only a $120 tourney.  I made over $400 in the cash game so it was a positive evening.

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NL2000+100….really? Kind of.

Tooling around the last few weeks ready to head back east, been logging some hours on Pokerstars while working.  Recruiting can be a tedious business, with a lot of research and downtime.  Nothing wrong with having some small tourneys going on while working right?  I mean, c’mon, others may find porn their cup of tea, or online shopping, or IM’ing, or checking stocks, or sports…of which I at times do the latter two….so now and then I dabble into small tourneys.

Well I find myself in an interesting predicament.  I’ve been playing the Steps, which is a series of progressive tournaments.  You play a one table sit and go for $7.  If you finish in the top two, you play Step 2, which is a $27 sit and go.  Finish in the top two of that and move to Step 3.  Step 3, is an $82 tourney…finish in the top two of that, move to Step 4, a $200 sit and go.  Finish in the top two there and move to a $650 Step 5.  Finally, finish in the top two of that, and move to Step 6 – a NL$2000+100.  First place at this final sit and go is $10,000 seat to the 2008 WSOP plus $2,500 in spending dough. 

Well, I unexpectantly made it to Step 6 and will likely play that level this coming weekend.  Kind of nerve-racking, but I’ll play it like any other sit and go.  6th place makes $500, 5th and 4th $1,000, 3rd $1,500 and 2nd $2,000.  Obviously big drop off from $12,500 from 1st to 2nd (over $10,000), but the kicker of it all………………………………

…………..if I win….I cannot play in the Main Event. Stockfield #2 is due in July.  Woops.  Root me on and buy my seat!  LoL.  Wish me luck.  Results after I play….whenever that is.

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11 days left…

Lots to do i the next 11 days.  Packing, packing and more packing.  Coordinate with Cobb County for Shane’s pre-school and services; coordinate the work being done on my house, get read for our vacation, etc.

All in all, everything is going smoothly, but the coming three weeks will be great, but hectic.  Gonna try to make one or two last trips down to the local card rooms, but even that’s no guarantee.  I have work up the wazoo going on. 

On a fun side note, I played ball again on Sunday, my 2nd to last game here in town.  Out here you never know who you’re going to see, but one of the guys on my team pointed out that Christopher Atkins, the childhood kid that shacked up with Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon was playing for the opposing team.  Go figure.  Can’t say time has stood still for the guy, but you could also tell that part of his life is way way over.  He played a solid left field and had a couple of opposite field basehits.  Seemed like a nice guy.  Married and his kid by his side after the game.  Funny stuff.

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Vegas is only about two months away.  Here’s my itinerary should anyone want to catch the same flights:

Wed 11JUN DELTA 39       LV ATLANTA       520P     12C////AR LAS VEGAS     640P       
Mon 16JUN DELTA 1058  LV LAS VEGAS     330P     19D////AR ATLANTA       1030P     

Staying at the Rio and have room.

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