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Having moved back three weeks ago, I still had not picked up a baseball or swung a bat…instead, I’ve been unpacking boxes and having garage sales.  But looking forward to latching onto a team after the holiday weekend.  Already found one after being asked to play with three teams.  Opted to join a team this weekend to get back into the swing of things literally.

The team was essentially just a few guys from several teams.  You could tell it wasn’t going to be pretty.  I was told I’d be starting a game which is my strong preference rather than relieving.  I was told originally I’d be starting Sunday night’s game.   Um, that didn’t happen…instead, I was used in relief in game one which is fine, but I really dislike relieving.  Came into a 7-3 defecit in the 6th and pitched four innings of one run ball, striking out three and walking only one.  I felt really good actually for not having pitched since January’s Palm Desert tourney.   But throwing the 50 odd pitches pretty much made me ‘done’ for the weekend. 

However, coming into today’s game versus the Georgia Clowns (yep, my old team…aka ye ol’ Georgia Cherokees), I was asked to throw in relief ago.  I’ve only pitched in back to back days just once in my life, and I don’t recall it being pretty.  Did so so, throwin 2.3 innings, but gave up a couple of walks and a couple of misplaced pitches.  The touch wasn’t there.  Faced my ol’ biz partner and we split…he got one hit and I got him out the other time.  Not exactly the timing I’d have preferred to face them coming into a game trailing 7-0.  But I suppose the highlight of the game was my breaking up the no-hitter in the fourth, and breaking up the shut-out in the 9th, and going 3-3 on the day with an RBI.  I’ll take it as I ‘beat the shift’ so to speak.

Ended up skipping the Sunday night game to spend time with family.  I knew I could not pitch and we were already out of the playoffs.  The ironic part is that if my team beat the Sunday night team (The Aztecs), we’d have allowed the Clowns into the playoffs.  Again, I was scheduled to pitch that game….  Hm…I’m guessing my old friends would have preferred to have me face the Aztecs when all is said and done. 

Either way, it’s nice to be back in town and seeing so many familiar faces.  I look forward to my start next Sunday with my new team….oh, and slugging too!


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Fond memories believe it or not.  It was a two year period of my life which of course I’ll never forget.   I mean, I got to live in Los Angeles.  I got to see celebs, visit all the LA site, live the LA lifestyle, kind of.  This blog entry is dedicated to those I’ve seen, those things I’ve done, and the experiences that were the 782 days I spent in the greater Los Angeles area…

Poker – yes, I played a lot and why not…they have the most poker tables in the world in Los Angeles, the biggest rooms, the most well know – The Bicycle Club, The Commerce Casino, Hollywood Park, The Hustler, and even hit some others – Ocean’s Eleven, Morongo, and San Manuel.  But most of my time were spent at the first two.  I played in approximately 65 tournaments and made more than I lost.  I finished four times in the final table as high as fourth, twice.  I learned a lot and didn’t lose my shirt.  I got to play with professionals such as David Pham, Miami John Cernuto, Kenna James, and in the same tournaments as Men the Master, Jerry Yang and with poker wannabes and real celebrities of Jason Alexander (aka George Costanza), and Don Cheadle, Shannon Elizabeth (not as well known now for her topless escapades in Amercian Beauty, but moreso now for her Dancing prowess), and of course James Woods who I kind of wonder if he really does have a TV show going right now because he always seems to be playing whenever I am.

Other humdrum celebrity sightings (besides those from my building – Zac Efron and Joe Mascolo – aka Troy and Stephano – include Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale from HSM fame, Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross.  Bob’s Big Boy or Paty’s were always great places to view celebs including Miley Cyrus (and her infamous photographic dad), Efron and Hudgens, Drew Cary, and of course the local Starbucks where I saw Tim Allen, Julian McMahonBrooke Burns.

There were many more, but too many to mention here.  It was a whirlwind two years, filled with good weather, watching Shaner grow up, getting used to working from home, starting a new business and getting out of a sinking one.  Watching Mindy thrive in her career, and living the ‘LA’ way.  Disneyland monthly was the norm and poker Fridays there as well.  Several visitors, friends and family alike, and many a red-eye back to New York and Atlanta.

I don’t regret the move to LA in the least, but also wouldn’t do it again.  LA was meant for single, kidless twenty somethings trying to make a name for themselves in the Biz!  I ain’t twenty something kidless or single…so um…yeah.  But at least it was expensive out there.  So that was good!

I’ll actually miss it but on to the next chapter(s) in my/our lives.  I’ll be writing my ten+ year memoir about Atlanta probably this fall. 

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So one of the facts of life in living in Georgia is that probably 100.00% of homes have termites in some way shape or form, some more than others.  Have a stucco home, we’re doubly at risk.  So in returning to the south, and ensuring my house is taken care of, I have been getting a couple of quotes on termite services.  The Arrow Exterminator guy didn’t find a thing.  Then I called into Terminix who did a very thorough job in identifying areas of possible infestation.

Long story short, I opted to buy their ultimate package, but not until after making the sales rep really knock down his un-knockdownable price, even made him call his home office.  Of course they conceded when I informed them I’d sign up today if they gave me X amount off, or I’d have to think about it if they did not.  I had my credit card in my hand.  Doubtful they were going to walk away from a sale over $200.

My favorite line of the month though was when my good friend, the salesperson asked me if “…anyone has ever told me that I looked like…….Bruce Willis”.  What?  Are you serious?  Told me wife and she rarely laughs out loud, but she lost it.  Good stuff.

Course if you want a good deal on Terminix services, call them at 1-800-TERMINIX and of course when they asked who referred you, mention ‘RIck Stockfield’ and I get a $100 credit….email me and I’ll tell you the exact deal I got…which saved me literally over $500 off their premiere package.


Bruce and Shane Stockfield

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So in the midst of unpacking, and unpacking, we went back to Mindy’s old midwife practice for our first visit here.  It was the same one that we had Shane with so there’s a comfort level.  Of course we took Shane and wouldn’t you know it…he decides it’s a great time to crap his pants.  Awesome!  Let me tell you the joys of parenthood when your 3 1/2 year old is informing you “Daddy, I’m going poopy”.  Ah, the badge of honor. 

Get the little one cleaned up and after waiting for the doc for an hour! we finally get to see her and all is well.  But these doc appointments take up a half day!

On our way back, we stop by the little deli right down the street from The Baby Factory (ie. Northside) to pick up my favorite breakfast there, salami and eggs…kind of dates back to childhood, but they’re not serving breakfast, which sucks.  So I get a regular deli sandwich and she goes to Mo’s and when I go over to meet her, she says ‘guess who’s here’?  Rhetorical I’m guessing.  Of course I have no idea, but then see Jenny who her and her husband Jeff (a guy that played ball in the same league here in Atlanta) had their daughter a week before Shane and then they are due again, two days after us!  So very small world and quite the coincidence!

Due date coming up quickly – July 23rd, a day after Mindy Sue’s birthday.

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Haven’t posted in a while, but getting settled after the move, our vacation, and the last week of unpacking and taking care of Shane.  Will summarize LA, the move, Disney, the cruise and life back in the southeast. 

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