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I’ll admit, it was always on my mind, albeit in the back of my mind, way back.  But it existed.  Would there be an earthquake in the LA area while I lived there.  Back in ’96 and ’97 when I used to visit Mindy in LA taking Friday afternoon flights out and Sunday redeyes back, I’d wondered during that 48 hours if I’d feel tremors…then moving  to LA in ’06 and residing there for two years, one month, three weeks, and two hours if in fact I’d be caught in one.

The only earthquake I’d ever felt was ironically here in Atlanta.  I recall it back in 1997 one morning at around 5am.  My bed shook.  Don’t get me wrong, my bed shaking in my 20’s sounds good, but for all the wrong reasons, especially at 5am.  I recall it waking me up and Mindy felt nothing (insert jab at Rick here).  I mean, an earthquake in Atlanta?

Anyway, it appears I got out of town at a good time since yesterday there was an earthquake in the Chino Hills area of Los Angeles and reports and forecasts are for more to come.  I’ve been in the Hollywood Hills and other cliff type living in LA and often wonder what these people are thinking.  I understand and have personally viewed the gorgeous topography and views that are Los Angeles, but living on a chunk of land that could theoretically vault itself into the Pacific isn’t my idea of great living.  And let’s not forget about the fun wild fires we experienced last summer.  I lived 20 miles away and still gasped the smoke from those flames.

It’ll be interesting to see if in fact there will be additional quakes and tremors and the ramifications of those.  Hopefully no large ones, but history has it that there will be more…it’s just the history of the earth against the test of time.


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So we’re about three weeks away from listing our house, waiting until Evan’s about a month old before we have people trampling through our digs.  Seems everyone knows someone, which is good but somewhat chaotic.  Had about five referrals from neighborhood and willing to give anyone a shot at ‘interviewing’ for this position.

There are a few seemingly good lists of questions one should ask.  I cannot take credit but have linked them here and here.  I have agents 3 and 4 coming by tomorrow and numbers 5&6 on Monday.  I think that’ll be it.  I think for me is how comfortable I feel with the agent, how aggressive I think they ill be and how good a negotiator they are.  How they price it will be important as well as will be what % of this asking price I think they’ll be able to get.  List price will likely be somewhere I’m guessing in the $525-535K range.

I’ll update the process and progress in future blog entries.

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Someone said something to me the other day….going from having one kid to two is like going from one kid to ten.  I think I know what they meant now.  With one, you have your spouse there to help if you want to say…go do something – shopping, go to the gym, run an errand.  With two though, well, there’s no one else there.  We’re short on help this week as our old nanny ‘selfishly’ opted to go to nursing school, the nerve.  So this week has essentially, and rightfully, turned into a paternity leave week.  I figure I have three days now to figure out how to work and how to juggle fatherhood. 

Now, I’m not complaining one bit.  I know I’m fortunate enough to work for myself and only have my family to support versus supporting a business of non-producers (no longer going to sugar coat stuff), so life ain’t all that bad.  I’ve kind of set myself up for being a family-guy which is just fine with me.  I just have to figure out how to sustain a business such as mine in an economy which isn’t all that stable.  The #1 answer is – having a routine.

Sounds easy, but even at age (nearly) 4, Shane already has a busy schedule with speech classes, and play groups (Little Gyms), etc., and trying to fit in some tutoring.  Throw in those darn meals, and you have a busy day.  Forget if a client wants something.  So identifying a routine will help ease the chaos which is essentially life. 

Hopefully in the coming days and weeks, that routine proves successful and life will be more easily manageable.  So far though, things are great.

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July 22nd.  Only missed by four days.  Probably anything I get her for her birthday will pale incomparison, but I’ll try anyway.  There’s no way this girl looks her age.  Mature though beyond her years, she’s a great person, an awesome employee/manager and Disney asset, a great friend, motivator, inspiration, a great wife and mostly, last but not least, a great mother.  Shane and Evan are lucky!  Oh yeah, me too.  Pop Mindy an email wishing her a happy bday if you get a moment, or leave a note here.  Fudgy the Whale cake tonight!

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Evan Owen Stockfield

At 9:24pm, we were blessed with a wonderful baby boy!  Seriously, words cannot express the joy and amazing feeling of having a child and seeing your new born being brought into this world.  The birth itself was uneventful and fortunately very easy, to the point of Mindy stating about 2 minutes after childbirth that she’s ready to have #3.  Hold on there sister!

Evan came out crying but gorgeous.  Layed on his mother’s chest, he squirmed to get a feeling and sense of the new world around him.  They cleaned him up and there I was holding him.  What a great feeling.  Wow, two boys.  This one though may tower Shane.  Evan came out 7lb. 13oz. and 21″ long compared to Shane’s 6lb. 2oz. and 19″ long. 

More to come but mother and child are both doing quite well.  We’ll be here through Sunday, and all the fun stuff that comes with recovery.  Pics n stuff forthcoming.

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3:13pm – Mindy didn’t feel all the great last night…lots of contractions and little sleep.  Opted to head to the baby factory and sure enough…she was admitted and told, today (or tonight) is the day.  Been here since 10am and it’s 3pm now…lots of fun….hurrying up and waiting.  Updates forthcoming, of course.

6:05pm – Still waiting but certainly progressing.  The waiting game continues.  I notice how much down time some of the nurses/midwives/doctors have.  Truly a waiting game.  Tick tock….

9:24pm – It’s here and….

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So there was so much hype this week over the All-Star Game and the war of words which possibly started out as innocent fodder with Jonathan Papelbon wanting to close out the mid-summer classic and his words being construed as cause for a lynching in NY as he thought he should close over the great Mariano Rivera simply because his team (and manager) won the World Series in 2007.  Now prompts for JP, but I think he got what he deserved when speaking up in NY and maybe a tad harsh were the NY crowds, but c’mon, this is NY and stuff like that isn’t going to flow in the Big Apple. Of course Tim McCarver, the great announcer that he is (not), decides to defend Papelbon while the announcers make NO comment.  Laughable. 

To make matters worse he gave up the possible winning run albeit aided by an error, but almost took the loss.  Papelbon’s good, but he’s gotta remember…he’s only been good for 3 years….Rivera’s been good for the last 12+…  NY fans can be annoying, as they all look alike fat guys in full Yankees gear high fiving when a Yankee walks, talks, chews gum, etc.  But when the game is in any other city, the home team fans can have full reign.  But there was no doubting Rivera should be pitching the 9th.

Kudos to Francona for pulling ARod, Jeter off the field to loud ovations and then relieving KRod for Rivera in the 9th.  My big ‘laid and egg’ award goes to Fox Sports for electing to cut to commercial as Rivera ran in from the dugout.  Just out and out greed and a big mistake I think overall, tainting the moment!

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