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Once again, our very good friends the Watkins’ did a phenomenal job in putting together their fall 2008 fundraiser.  Held for the 5th time at the Dutchess Country Club in Poughkeepsie, it was a great evening put together by special people.  Their son Niklas has Fragile X, a form of autism.  I believe he is 10 or 11 now and has improved vastly in the last 12 months due to new drugs he’s been taken and also from the love, affection and attention his parents provide to him.

All told, around $75,000 was raised and my goal next year is to get people I know involved and maybe buy a full table in ’09.  Kudos to Ron and Amy and best wishes.

Fall 2008 FRAXA Event...starring Niklas Watkins

Fall 2008 FRAXA Event...starring Niklas Watkins


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It’s been a while since my last poker post…in fact, I can’t remember the last one.  Well, I played in the NL600 tourney at Foxwoods and finished about 100th out of 620 entrants, but still 30 away from the money.  Six+ hours of play for naught.  But I realized that this was the first real tournament I’ve played in since the WSOP in July.  Definitely rusty. 

Started with 5000 in chips and had built it up to about 12,500 by the 200-400 round but caught trying to bluff a decent sized pot with a tough call on my opponents part.  I was not short stacked down to about 3,500 by the time the break came and the 400-800 round coming up and me under the gun.  Fortunately I picked up KK and my only caller for my all in was an AK, so got to about 9,000, but was still short stacked and couldn’t pick up any more hands in spite of lasting another 45 minutes.

High-tailed it over to Mohegan Sun a 15 minute drive from Foxwoods and met up with Lou, John and Rob.  Watched them play 100-400 spread on black jack and then Lou got us comped for the BBQ restaurant (by the way, nearly impossible to get good sweet tea at a BBQ joint in the north).  Went down to their new poker room which looks nice but I can tell they have a long way to go.  The customer service was non-existant, rules seemed whimsical, and dealer’s not keeping action going.  The quality of the players was poor though which was nice. 

I called a $30 preflop raise with A6 spades as did three others for $150 in the pot.  The flop came 542 with two spades.  Preflop raiser checks and action player on my right bets out $75….I really don’t think about it and shove $300 in there all in.  Guy pretty much instacalls with just K5, but when no spade, Ace, 6 or 3 hits, I’m felted.  Rebuy, $400.  Very next hand, same guy, makes it a quarter, another crazy guy on my right (who’s been raising with the likes of J6 off, K2 suited) makes it $90.  I don’t really think much when I see AK and shove my $400.  Same guy that beat me with K5 calls (and states you picked the wrong hand Mister) while other guy folds.  An Ace hits the flop and he states ‘you win’ and shows me his KK.  Whew.  Thus the problem with unpredictable players, it’s tough sometimes to put them on a hand.

Next hand is one that stung since I probably played it right if I were playing against good players, but I was not…and maybe should have played this next hand differently.  I have position on my three oppenents and call the $15 preflop raise with Q10 hearts.  Flop – 445, two hearts.  First guy bets out $30, one caller and the preflop raiser makes it $90.  A $15 preflop raise is low and his hand range is huge (6,7 suited; 4,5; A4, 55, etc.)  He was a new player too (his 2nd or 3rd hand) so I have no idea what he’s capable of.  Plus I was adhering to the “rule” of not drawing to a flush with the board paired.  Both other guys call for $330 or so in the pot.  Turn 6 of hearts.  Flush came, but again, still a possible boat out there and I wouldn’t have even had the nutz.  First player bets out $100, both other guys call, $630 in the pot.  River a harmless K, first guy bets another $100, call, reluctant call.

First guy turns over 7,9 hearts for 9 high flush, next guy pocket 3’s!!!!??? (same guy that called my all ins earlier) and then the new guy made it $15 with……pocket Aces (neither a heart).  So I’d have won a swanky $930 pot!  Doh!  Hands like that can make your night.  I didn’t switch it up on this one occassion unfortunately.  Wound up winning a whopping $75 in the cash game and headed home.

WORM: You know what cheers me up when I’m feeling shitty?
MIKE: What?
WORM: Rolled up aces over kings.
MIKE: Is that right?
WORM: Yeah. Check-raising stupid tourists and taking huge pots off of them.
MIKE: Yeah?
WORM: Stacks and towers of checks I can’t even see over. Playing all-night high-limit Hold’em at the Taj, “where the sand turns to gold.”
MIKE: Fuck it, let’s go.
WORM: Don’t tease me.
MIKE: Let’s play some fuckin’ cards. 

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Woke up this morning to flurries…in October nonetheless!

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It’s looking like the Orange may be taking steps to having a football team again!  If Syracuse simply lets his contract run out at year’s end, they’re not taking the right steps and not sending the right message…..  They’d be being too passive.

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There she is…Mary Ingalls, circa 1981 (Melissa Sue Anderson), the featured character in this horror film that to this day freaks me out about fondue skewers and lifting weights alone.  It got lost in the shuffle between the Halloween movies, Freddie Nightmare flicks. 

The big 3-8….not exactly notable….but instead of clinging to my middle 30’s of which 37 could stretch to be included in…I’m a heckuva lot closer to 40 now.  Who cares.  Toting around a 3-month old, a 4-year old and beautiful bride…who cares about age. 

The birthday’s been a calm day.  Just worked, continued unpacking, picking up Shane from school, and later Mindy at the train station, and the four of us headed out to the Putnam County Diner.  That’s it.  Never been big on the fanfare anyway, although thanks to those who posted birthday wishes on facebook. Would much rather bask in my kids’ birthdays though as well as my neice and nephews.  Shane had a duckpin bowling party and as Kayla, Nick’s, Cyan’s, Evan’s first and then Tyler’s birthdays come and we’re in town now, there’ll be plenty of birthday cake to be had.  Great,…that combined with being 38 should be awesome for the waist-line (chocolate cream pie and the black and white cookie).  Better those than fondue I suppose.

Happy Birthday to me, fondue style!

Happy Birthday to me, fondue style!

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My lovely wife…

So, once again, I get on the train – pick again a different car and a different seat.  Mr. “two times my size” walks on again and I think scouts me out.  Our eyes meet but alas he picks not to sit next to me today.  He sees that I have chosen an end seat rather a window seat.  Window seats probably suck for him as they provide no option to “overflow.”   The hard edge is just not as comfy as a soft body. Freedom at last!”

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The “Big” dilemma

So, we’ve all been there….on a plane and a larger person sits down next to us.  Their body’s mass is literally spilling over ont to your seat.  You’re cramped and your personal space is invaded.  Tough situation.  Apparantly, my better half’s personal space has been being invaded on the trains in and out of the City.  It must be bad if she’s complaining, because she never complains about anything.  Here’s the email she sent me this morning…

“I’ve staked my territory!  Got on the train this morning into a different seat and car hoping to avoid “people twice my size” slipping into my space.  I positioned my bag to take equal floor space and my butt went right up the half way mark on the seat.  I opened my computer so that that it was angled in a way that some person who likes to spread eagle would bump into it if they attempted to do that.  Well… Can you believe the same guy as yesterday sat next to me again. At least I am prepared, but maybe he will see his ride was just not as comfortable as yesterday.

😉 me
* standing up for the rights of people who are not physically large enough to take up more than one seat.” 

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