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So I’m playing the 2-5NL at Bally’s two weekends ago.  I took my nephew down to Philadelphia to watch Syracuse get smoked by Villanova…ugh.  Instead of staying in Philly, I took him to his first casino.  Of course at 15, he’s too young to play, so I ditched him after feeding him and getting him a cheap prostitute.  C’mon…he doesn’t know the difference.  [caveat…just kidding….I’ll wait until he’s 21].

So I head downstairs to the poker room at Bally’s and to my surprise they’re actually spreading one 2-5NL table.  I sit down…buy in for 400 and watch the mostly conservative action.  The deck runs me over for the better part of 90 minutes and I build my stack up to about 1200 which is a minor miracle considering how tight these players are.  I nickel and dime my way to 1600 (up 1200).  It’s about 2am, time to go.  I start racking my chips and throw in a 20 for a call with 7,6 in position.  Flop K,7,2 with two clubs.  Guy bets out 50 into 60 pot.  I call, putting him on AK, KQ, but I have a big draw.  I could have raised but I think he’d have called and wanted to see realatively inexpensive turn.  Brick… a non suited 4.  He bets out 75 into the 160 pot…I opt to call.  River, nada.  I’m stuck with a pair of 7’s.  He bets just 75…seemingly a value bet…but I sense some hesitation and discomfort…I raise it 200 more.  He’s thinking, himming/hawing and he finally calls and I swearing he’s got a least two pair at this point….  No, he turns over KJ for just top pair average kicker!  Ugh.  Wow.  I hadn’t bluffed all night and played solid. 

Few hands later I do it again, bluffing into a full house.  Woops. 

So now I’m a little shell shocked having turned a huge win into a modest one.  I’m playing last Thursday in my new local home game and pick up AQ on my straddle…I raise the 10 straddle to 45.  One  caller who’s conservative and he calls a 55 bet on the flop which is Q high.  K on the turn…and I check….he best 65 and I put him on KQ or a set.  I fold face up and he shows AJ…a bluff.  Didn’t think this guy had it in him…good for him.  Later in the night, I limp in with 4,5 and flop comes A23….ze-nuts.  check, 25 bet, I call, so does SB.  Turn, another 3…check, 25, I raise to 75 and SB shoves for 350 more!  What?  Does he really have A3 or 22?  I muck face up again and he says, ‘run it out’ implying he only had trips.  UGH!


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…guess I’ve been ‘busy’ which is a relative word.  In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been getting work done on our house in Atlanta since an offer fell through from a neurotic couple, been duped by another couple of contractors, watched Syracuse get clobbered in person in Philly and then at UConn, and lose 1K in AC (at least it was after I was up 1300 at the time.

We’re keeping our fingers X’d on our house and hoping to get more offers in soon.  The silver lining in all this is that if I’d held on to the stocks that I sold (about $85k worth) back in September,…they’d be worth $46k today….yes, down $39k in only 5 months.  Sick.

The kiddies are doing phenomenally although Mr. Shane’s been under the weather.  Starting to break out of the upstate NY funk since the days are slowly but surely getting a little longer and longer day by day.  Headed to LV in only nine days (who’s counting).

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Haven’t played a single hand online since moving to NY….and had some downtime today so looked up the ancient Poker Stars account.  I actually still had over 15,000 player points so decided to play in some meaningless sit-n-go’s on the steps they have.   And now I recall why it’s so frustrating to play online…

With 10 big blinds left I shove in mid position with AA and get called by AQ….  Immediate, QQX hits on the flop and I’m drawing to one out!  C’mon!  Perhaps I’ll stick with my live cash games.  But it does pass the time.

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