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Ok, so poor planning on my part.  I opted to head up to Foxwoods on Monday to play in the NL500.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  I mean, 10am tourney…got coverage for the kids.  However, they stop play at midnight.  I was shortstacked after about 3 rounds so really didn’t think much of it.  I mean, I’d have just gone and played cash games til 6 then driven home.  Nah….

I’m at 3,500 with the blinds at like 400-800 and in the SB where it’s limped around.  I pick up Q6 diamonds (virtually the nuts….Q4 would’ve been the pre-flop nuts)…and shove.  The guy says ‘do you want a call’.  I honestly state ‘no’.  He then states he has 5 high….he actually then calls!  I double up and am on my way.  I get short at the 600-1200 round (with only about 4000)…and shove with AQ.  JJ instacalls and I spike an Ace on the turn.  From there the same guy two hands later doubles me up again when he raises my raise with KQ (I had KK). 

Three off the money (top 70), and with the blinds at 1000-2000 guy raises to 13,000 (an odd bet, 6.5x the BB) and he only had like 32K.  I pick up AK on the button.  It really wasn’t even a question, I shove with my 25K and he had already pot committed himself.  He has AJ and now I’m sitting at 50K going into the money.  Now we’re down to 24.  I have 90K with chip average at around 126,000.  Guaranteed 1200.  First is 65000.  Long way to go.   Bummer is I had to drive home last night (kids) and have to drive back up this morning by noon…  I could theoretically drive up for 1 poker hand.  Oh…and I ran out of gas last night to top things off….yep, I’m a smart one. 

Can you say exhaustion?  Will post later tonight the happenings (or non-happenings) of the day.  I don’t think Cardplayer updates for like 2-3 days.


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Called into this fine fine radio show in Connecticut this evening.  The subject-matter was regarding smoking and the State of Connecticut trying to make it illegal for Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun to have smoking.  Apparantly Mohegan Sun isn’t too happy about this.  The bigger question and concern for me (because let’s face it…I’ll continue patroning those establishments either way),….is what else can we do do protect ourselves from second hand smoke.  If EVER there was a place for government intervention this is it.  Twenty percent of our population smokes…I’m fairly certain that all of them hang out side of most public establishments there specifically to bother the eighty percent of us that don’t smoke and ensure they’re polluted by their second hand smoke.

Just disgusting.  And what about those cigarette butts that make their way outside of moving cars and onto our streets….littering?  Would love to see….just once…someone get arrested or fined for littering.  The wifey dislikes when I yell ‘loser’ or similar niceties to smokers that pass by me and my young children smoking.  I’ll continue to do so.  What if I blow air from my mouth in their face….is that violation of their rights?  It all just disgusts me.

My worst nightmare

My worst nightmare

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Fresh off it’s run in the Big East tournament, Syracuse bounces into action tomorrow during the first round of the NCAA tournament – their first time in the tournament in three years.  They’re coming in on a high after a great run in the Big East Tournament.

An exciting time of year and finally I get to watch my alma mater play in it!  Let’s go ORANGE!!!

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So I decided at about 11:30am yesterday that I was going to take in the Syracuse-UConn Big East tournament game last night.  It was just one of those spontaneous decisions.  I’d never been to the Big East tournament before.  Seemed like a good night to take in a game.  We didn’t have tickets so Louis and I opted to buy’em from scalpers….which was more difficult than I’d thought.  100 was my max, but RunD-MC and the gang wanted $150-200…but after bypassing a couple of regular fans that got mobbed by scalpers and from what I heard sold their tickets at face value ($55), we got our upper deck tickets for a hundo (that’s American for 100, by the way).

S0 inside, we witnessed history.  We saw likely one of the best, if not the best, college basketball game in history.  Phenomenal.  Six overtimes.  Just plain ol’ mayhem. 


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So in LV and to sum up the couple of days of play…these sets are just flat out killing me.  I ran into five sets of sets, once when I’d flopped a set of sixes only to be bested by a set of Aces.  Just plain brutal.  I could wallow and post the hands…but quite simply gonna spare ya and suck it up to bad luck, bad play and crap evening out over time.  Still…ugh.

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So played in the first event of the Wynn Classic this past Friday.  I played in the inaugural event two years ago as well as last year and was looking to last longer than my 3rd and 4th round poor exits.  Well, the good news is that I lasted longer, the bad news is that I came up short of the money busting out round 8.  Cards never really came my way, and it was a total grind.  So much so that I really did not have a chance to play well on the short stack.

Was moved after round six, and the 300/600/50 round.  I moved with an ‘ok’ 11,000 stack, but once the blinds during round seven moved to 400/800/75, well things started getting a little more difficult.  Can you say NO cards whatsoever??  I blinded myself down to about 4,000 with the blinds going to be going up after another 4-5 minutes or so.  I really couldn’t find a hand to push,…2,3 – 4,8, 9,3…the 8,9 looked good, but it would have been after a raise and a call…..so here I was, 2 minutes before the round was coming to a close and I’m under the gun with 4,200 in chips and a J,5 offsuit.  I elected to push, and was called by fellow Atlanta player Wade….and then reraised by a guy in late position who had KK (Wade had pushed with AJ).  We both busted on that hand. 

Question,….would you have gone to the BB (putting in another 875 and being left with about 3,300?).  In hindsite, I’m thinking so….but tough to say.


Played the consolation round (225) and increased my chip stack of 10K to nearly 15K when my A (hearts),Q flops QJ10 all hearts.  Apparantly the K of hearts was calling against me.   Won the hand but two hands later I pick up AA.  I raise the 100 BB to 600.  One caller (the BB).  Flop Q,7,2.  Check and I bet out 1200.  Called.  Turn, 9, he bets out 2,200?  Um, er…I’m confused and just call.  River J for a board of Q,7,2,9,J….seemingly innocent.  He goes all in for another 7K…so with 8,100 in the pot, I elect to call.  He flips over K10!!  What?  He called a bet on the flop with nothing then bets out the turn with a gut shot….and then hits?  He a few moments later says, I didn’t put you on much….I simply say…”yeah…nice read”.  Ugh.

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