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Thank you.  You’re welcome.  Please.  Excuse me, pardon me.

What’s happened to people being nice?  Does it take that much to simply hold a door open for someone…or when you hold the door open for someone that they say ‘thank you’?  Or is it commonplace to become a door person upon going in or out of a store/restaurant/mall etc.  People walk down the street, aisle etc.   You move, they don’t.  They don’t say ‘excuse me’ or acknowledge you moved for them. 

People flick their lit cigarettes out of their moving cars, they blow smoke your way, they cough, burp, fart, etc. in your direction.  You make eye contact, they give you a dirty look.  I don’t get it.

Are things that bad out there?  Maybe.  But I don’t see a better economy making people nicer.  I do see my kids however growing up to be polite, courteous, and gentlemen.


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Shaquille O’Neal, Syracuse University.  Has a nice ring.  Would have been a lot nice than the guy going to LSU many ions ago.  Instead, Shaq is headed back to Syracuse to the Newhouse School to take a broadcasting class.  Wonder if perhaps he has any eligibility left?

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Donald, Donald, Donald.  Never thought you were the type to succumb to public pressure.  You actually selected Joan Rivers over Annie Duke as the champion of the Celebrity Apprentice?  Now, the person that knows me perhaps thinks I am siding with the poker player (Duke) over the overrated persona of Joan Rivers.  Don’t get me wrong,…Ms. Rivers is actually quite amusing, and talented for that matter.  However, the selection of Rivers over Duke made absolutely no sense whatsoever – not when you think about his past selections.

Annie played the game very well.  She played like a true business person.  She raised by far the most money (from history, a huge determinant of past winners), and really just outwitted the competition.  The fact that on the last task, Rivers made the event planner quit and 3 of the 5 areas to be scored were based on these (the event) pretty much crushed Duke.  It was Rivers’ poor business-sense and inability to interact with others more talented than her which should have led her to an overwhelming loss.

Instead, Trump succumb to public pressure and selected Rivers….for what reason, I still don’t have any idea.  Rivers’ name calling, her unprofessionalism, her whiny-ness and attempted demoralizing and character bashing apparantly worked.  How it did…I have no idea.

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…same Thursday game.  Loose horrendous, too aggressive player in seat one UTG comes in for a raise of $15, I call with a meager K,5 diamonds and player behind, makes it $45….call by original raiser and I reluctantly come along for the ride.  Flop, a pretty 6d,9d,10c.  Check, check, and then button bets out $60, call, and with now about $200 in the pot, I call.  Turn, 7d, bingo.  Oddly enough UTG now goes all in for about $250.  I just call (hoping to bring the button along), but he folds.  I announce flush and UTG announces, “I’ve got outs”.  The words weren’t even out of his mouth when the 10d hits the river!   Homey, had pocket 8’s with the 8 of diamonds and hit his straight on the turn.  But a smart player would’ve put at least one of us on the flush draw.  Plus, I had the 5 of diamonds, one of his straight flush draw outs.  The ol’ 2%!  For a tidy $800 pot!

And the worst part is I know those chips would never leave the table with him….they’d be spewed through the remainder of the table within the next sixty minutes.  Just plain Yuck!

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Weekly Thursday game.

Early in the evening played a hand, poorly.  Late position forcing the action with QJ suited, raised to 12.  The table had been tight.  Two callers including the villain, a 300lb guy we’ll call a penguin.  Penguin calls.  He supposedly is a millionaire in real life so money has zero value to him, and you can tell he prides himself on being a good player and prowing on people’s weaknesses. 

Flop, nada, just 9 high.  Check, check.  Turn, a Q.  Check, I bet 30.  He calls.  River, he checks the 2, and I bet out a value bet of 45.  He instacalls and I turn over confidently my QJ.  He flips AQ.  I should have figured he was calling with something on the turn.  Suppose my bad.

I wound up having a poor session dropping two buy ins.  Card dead a little, but had at least three of my bluffs called down.  I’m thinking perhaps I may be bluffing a little much.  Something to consider.

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So I’m playing at in the regular home game I attend and they wanted to throw a larger sized tourney (500).  I personally think a little high for a home game but wanted to support the host and thought I’d have a good shot at doing well since there was definitely some dead money I expected to play.  I know they were expecting 20 players, but only got 13 (plus two rebuys) for a total of 15 entries. 

Playing six handed at our table was definitely to my disadvantage as I like playing full tables and don’t like being aggressive necessarily early in tournaments.  So wouldn’t you figure, I get put into an aggressive table with just six guys.  Ugh.  Picked my spots, won a few pots and survived to the final table of 10 with a healthy stack of chips, about 20K (started with 10K).

The surprise laydown of the tournament wasn’t by me, but by the host.  Board on the turn showed Q,10,9, 8 with two diamonds.  He had checked the turn, then one guy shoved and another did as well after about a 60 second wait.  Mike folded, QJ diamonds (for a flush), with a redraw to the straight flush!  Turns out the 7,6 of clubs (just a sucker straight) had been the 2nd guy that pushed, and trumped the first guy that just had K diamonds for second nut flush draw and a pair!  Cannot believe he laid it down?  He was thinking guy already had him beat with higher flush….c’mon!!!!  Ugh.

Well, fortunately his reads were off again, when he wound up going heads up with me later when we were down to 6 players.  I have the J,10 diamonds and feign raising in late position.  Four to the flop of 6,5,2 with two diamonds.  He bets 1/3 of the pot which represents 20% of my chips.  I opt to see one card with my over cards and flush draw.  Turn….a solid black ten.  He checks and I shove with top pair and redraw to flush.  He hims/haws for about 3 minutes and you can tell he’s got 7s/8s/or 9s.  He’s trying to get a read and it really does look like I’m just on a flush draw.

He calls with his 9s….and spikes a 9 on the river….except it’s the 9 of diamonds and I scoop the pot.  Down to three handed and this was an interesting time of he night (four hours in).  1st pays $3600, 2nd pays $2500, and third pays $1300.  Chip leader (about 50% of the chips) proposes the following chop: $3000 him, and the other guy and I split the rest, $2200 each.  I’m sitting there with about 35% of the chips and the other guy, 15%.  Plus I have zero doubt I’m a better player, honestly than both.  But chips are chips and I don’t mind a chop….so I propose simply I’ll take $2300 and he take $1900.  You’d have thought I’d insulted his mother!!!!  We played on….and I gained the chip lead (about 40,30,30).  Original chip leader proposed an even three way chip, and I was ok with that. 

I love playing heads up or against just two others, butso much variance.  I think I could have taken it down….but bird in the bush….

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