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I’d say it’s been a long summer, but it really hasn’t.  It’s been rain, rain, rain and more rain.  And Shane with all his activities and the continued settling into the house, it’s been seemingly a quick and uneventful summer, thus the lack of blogging.

However, with Shane going into kindergarten in just a couple of short weeks, his birthday coming, and the likelihood of my coaching his fall soccer league, I’m sure there will be bloggable stuff!


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So we swung by the Patterson Carnival this afternoon.  It was,….small.  I mean, there were about 7 rides, about 6 games, 2-3 food vendors…but at least they had a dunking booth.  But we live here so we swung by at around 2:30pm this afternoon and pulled in to find maybe another 20 fair goers.  Twas a little sad but I’m sure they’ll get more people there tonight.

So after a burger, dog, some friends and some corn…we let Shane pick a ride and we ensure we sanitized his hands afterwards.  But he enjoyed it.  Then we said, let’s let him play a game….he elected to do the ol’ dart at the balloon game.  $2.00 for one dart, $5.00 for three.  I elected to take the worse deal and bought the kid a dart.  The good news is that it was an ‘everyone wins’ thing.  So he take the dart…fires it at a balloon it hits the balloon and bounces off.  She allows him to try it again,…and again….and again,…so finally I say, “your balloons are defective”….she fires back without thinking, “no they’re not, he is”.  WHAT?  She immediately catches herself and says, “no, that’s not what I meant….”.  She recommends he kneels on the counter and finally he pops one and gets his 10 cent prize.  Woohoo!

Priceless though.  Ah, gotta love Americana!

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