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….yes, that was me from what I thought to be a very solid hand for me.  Until the guy betting into me on the flop, turn, bets a nice chunk of change as the river brought the King….which happened to make his full-house Aces full of Kings beat my Aces full of Queens.  Seriously!


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Borgata Results, NL450

Wow, wish I really had more to write here.  7 hours of my life gone, exerted by turning oxygen into carbon monoxide.  Sweet huh?  Best hand in 7 hours, 8,8 followed by 7,7, 6,6, 4,4, 22 and then AK twice and AQ twice.    That’s tough to do over seven hours.

Got it in good when my A8 diamonds was out flopped by J8 clubs as I was very short stacked.  Oh, well, next tourney….

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Borgata Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve been down to AC (about 10 months I believe) so it’s time.  I’ve actually never played a sanctioned event there either, only playing two $200 tourneys, although making the final table on both.  This is a NL400 starting at high noon and I’m sure there’ll be at least 500 people.  We’ll see how it goes.  But my tourney skills are no doubt rusty.  I think this is only my 5th tourney this year (1 WSOP, 1 Wynn Classic, 2 @ Foxwoods).  Only cashed in 1, albeit a good finish (15th of 609 players).  Here’s hoping I beat that one….  Updates forthcoming.

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Poughkeepsie Poker

Played last Wednesday in another local game I’d played back last winter.  It was nice to play there again, but apparantly one of the guys running it had read my blog about their game.  I’ll have to go back and read specifically what I’d written, but I think they mistook my salivation of some soft seats for ripping the game and how it was run.  When in fact, from all the games I’ve played in since being back, it’s actually the best run.  A low rake, food, beverages, plenty of space, tv’s, secure and excellent dealers. 

That being said, I had my QQ, and 10,10 ripped within 10 minutes of arriving for $300 (see, serves me right).  Bought back in for $400 this time (2-5 game) and proceeded to build the stack up a little before hitting lightening with my QJ offsuit when the board came QQJ, one guy getting his AA cracked and the other hitting his straight when a 10 came on the river.  A little luck doesn’t hurt.  Game broke around midnight, a little early, but at least I left a small winner.

Well run game though….can’t complain right J?

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Our Labor Day weekend started with a trip to baseball mecca, the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I’d forgotten how much in the middle of nowhere that this place was.  It was a charming ride however and we arrived around 2pm on Friday.  The town of Cooperstown is enchanting, nostalgic and my only regret is not going the night before.  Seems there’s a bunch of B&B’s, and there are some breath taking views of Lake Otsego.  Not a cloud in the sky.

Bought an annual membership (only $20 more than paying for Min and I anyway) and valid for 12 months (am sure we’ll go again within the next 12 months now that we live here).  The only tough part of the day was well, I couldn’t get to see the stuff I wanted to see as Shane and Evan had their sites set on almost anything but baseball.  But hey, they meandered around and as Evan seemingly crawled all the floors of the Hall, Shane found his way to the monument plaques and seemed genuinely interested in them.

We actually lasted 3 hours in the Hall and then ventured down Main Street for icecream before heading off to Syracuse of the night.  A nice trip and I look forward to many more trips to Cooperstown in the future!

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