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I’d only played there twice before, once last fall, and this past week.  This historic poker room, the one where parts of Rounders was filmed, and the US Poker Championships are played, well, is – in this one person’s opinion – on a spiral downward. 

I was coaxed (not that hard) to go down this past week to play in a NL500 event.  I’d not heard of this new year’s event, but my friend had stated he’d gotten marketing materials regarding.  Sure, let’s go.  Got down there right at 11:15am for the 11:15am start.  The tournament had just kicked off.  When we asked the number of entrants, we were shocked when we learned there was only TWO tables.  Yes, TWO!  All in all, they ended up with 25 entrants total – for a TWO-DAY event.  Ridiculous.  We elected not to play.

Played some 10-20 limit for a few hours and after watching paint dry, moved to my more comfortable 2-5NL.  Was up a bunch, then dropped a huge, huge, huge pot where I personally lost 900 (ugh…poor read on my part).  Wound up being down 700 before coming all the way back and leaving up 1200 on the day.  So couldn’t complain much there.  The Nemo’s in the crowd made it worth my while. However….

The lack of dealer knowledge, the inconsistent rules, the floor person not having a clue nor really caring much about players, the room, etc., the random ‘professional’ kids cursing up a storm, and floor people’s apathy regarding, made it a less than stellar and enjoyable time.  I can honestly say, I don’t forsee myself really ever going back there.  Why play there in a room where no one cares?


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My top ten highlights of my personal year, 2009.

1) Shane entering kindergarten – something we’ve been anticipating and actually looking forward to; he’s doing phenomenally!

2) Selling our Atlanta home – something we’d anticipated and looking forward to probably more than number one if for no other reason the pure chest pains it caused.  Dumped it after it being on the market for 9 months.  What a deal the owner got.

3) Evan walking!  Yeah, this was going to happen anyway, but his mobility means I don’t have to carry the pudgeball around everywhere (at 17 months, he’s 27lbs!!)

4) Disney trip – always fun.  How’d we only go once this year?

5) Poker again – finally started hosting games occassionally again and have met some really nice folks.

6) Syracuse basketball – been lucky enough to attend three of the best Syracuse games in the last few years in ’09 – the SIX OT game as part of the Big East Tournament last March, then the Cuse manhandling Cal and UNC at the same Garden this past fall!

7) Holiday parties – we had our return of our annual post holiday holiday party in January followed by an egg hunt in April and Shane and Evan’s birthday parties.

‘8) Cooperstown/NY State Fair

9) Lawsuit over.

10)…..the Yankees win….the Yaaaaaannnnnkkkkkeeeeesssss WIN their 27th World Series Championship!

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