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Doubled up relatively early on in my session electing to call $20 with 5,6 diamonds and the board coming 4,3,A. Button elects to bet just $25 into an $80 pot. I call. 2 on river (of course now I pray he has 5,5). I check, he bets now $75 into $130 pot, I push for $225 on top. He says he ‘has’ to call and flips over 3,2 for two-pair. Really? Blank on river and I’m sitting nicely on nearly $700 stack.

The Main Hand of The Night:

I’m in early position and raise to just $8 with 5,7 diamonds. I get six callers (which is what I want there), and a phenomenal flop of 4,7,Q with two diamonds. There’s a check and I bet out $25 into the nearly $50 pot with middle pair and the diamond draw. One caller and the early checker, goes all in for another $35 more, so I elect to thin the field and raise $50 on top of that to isolate putting early guy on diamonds or just a pair.at best (maybe straight draw). Other caller actually raises $100 on top. Hm. Doesn’t make much sense, could it be a set? Even if so, I think I’m getting odds to call, either regularly or implied. I make the call.

Turn is a black 8. Not a horrible card as I pick up a gutter ball draw now too in addition to my pair and flush draws. I check and opponent bets another $100. Before he gets his chips out, dealer puts out 2 of diamonds on the river…noooooooo. Card will get dealt back in. I have to decide….let’s see $10 into about a $470 pot. I nearly almost have to call here even with just one card coming…

Shuffled card back in and 2 of diamonds on the river. I’d pre-checked here (as I’m the host of this game), but ordinarily I’d have bet $150 here as a value bet. He groans and turns over Q,4 for two pair and early position player mucks.

Analysis: I’d have likely have folded for $200 bet on the turn but not for $100. With his two pair (and granted I don’t know exactly what he has – best I could put him on was a set and likely set of 4’s) in which case I have seven diamonds (taking out diamonds that pair the board) and three more non-diamond 6’s, leaving me with 10 outs, so I could be as much as a 4:1 dog going to the river. However $100 into a $470 pot allows me to call easily, especially if I hit an put a value bet on the river.


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Why no posts?

I used to really enjoy blogging.  It was mostly about the odd and end things that went on in Southern Californa, beautiful Atlanta, family life, or the happenings of one poker guy.  I lost that somehow.  I’m wondering about whether to start a new blog, one dedicated more towards just poker and keep this one, well, more social. 

It’s December 2010, I’d not posted in 7 months.  I do miss it but seems as if life’s keeping me busier and no real time for this.  But I do miss it so.  I’ll have to ponder this one…

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