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Tough to get up….

Playing a quick session where I know I only have two hours to play due to prior commitments.  Playing 2-5 versus the host and one other player my  $30 raise with AK is 3-way to the flop.  K high board, I bet out $55, called by both players.  Hm.  Turn a rag, and I bet $110, called by host.  River’s a blank and I pre-check the river as a courtesy (only had $125 behind him of which I’d have called obviously) and take down a nice pot (assuming he had KQ).  Crap, I have to stay at least one more orbit.

UTG, my last hand, I pick up A,10 diamonds and raise to $20, getting 6 callers!  Flop 10, 9, 6 with two diamonds.  I bet out $50, one caller, another house guy shoves his $250 rack in…where am I going, and I follow as the guy behind me also calls.  I table my hand and watch as a Q diamonds comes on the turn and no pairing the board on the river.  Set of 9’s and 9,10 (top two) go down and I drag a nice $1K pot.  Crap I have to stay one more orbit….


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