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Lay them down!!!

2-5NL game within the last week.  10 solid players at the table.  I’m in late position and pick up AA and ‘only’ make it $25.  I should have made it closer to $30-35 with two limpers in front of me.  “Only 5 callers” and a seemingly safe flop of 2,3,7.  Tight/solid player (attorney type) checks, check, check, to me and I make it $65 into a $150 pot.  Folded to SB who simply says, “All-In, Rick”.  I quickly state to him that there are two others in front of me….’why didn’t he mention their names’.  Folded to me and it’s about $125 to  call.  I deduce he’s got top or middle set and donk-ily call they extra amount should he be on a flush draw (I have the Ace of the correct suit), but his set of 3’s double him up.

It’s funny at times when you know beyond really a shadow of a doubt what someone has, yet you still wind up calling off your chips.


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