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Likely in the next week, barring any large issues, I’ll be incorporating a new company and starting anew.  I’ll be doing the same thing I’ve been doing now for the last seven years, professional recruiting and consulting work for Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies.  I’ll still retain some ownership in my old Firm so of course I’ll hope they will succeed.  But this will be a fresh start for me and I’ll be able to focus 100% on my clients albeit from afar.  But I have one major snafu right now…

…I need a name.  If anyone has ideas, please email me directly (or post here), but I’ve twisted my mind over the last 48-72 hours struggling to find something that does not include the words project, hire, or talent for obvious reasons.  Thoughts?

Buzz words I’ve come up with include – source, preferred, first, solution, pro, partner, group, persona, recruiting, kudos, search, contract, premiere.  The catch, the URL or similar must be available.  Anyone? Anyone? 


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I haven’t written on a session of cards in a couple of weeks and wish I had more interesting banter for this site.  Played an eight hour session at Commerce last night and won $388.  I played fairly well but for the most part was card dead.  I went back to my old roots folding a lot early on and then changing gears and loosening up, being a little more creative when need-be.  I recall raising in late position with a bunch of limpers in front of me with a measely J-3 off to $25 figuring that my new tight image would win me the pot right there.  Two callers actually and after two checks on a KQ3 flop, I bet out $40 and took the pot down.  I was going to just throw my cards in when one of the two callers said “show”.  I normally don’t but I figured it was good for advertising’s sake.  I heard both guys mutter, ‘you raised with that’?  I love that!

Needlesstosay, I took full advantage of my now ‘loose’ image, lol.  I felt good with my play overall albeit it felt like work as both tables I played at were tight tight tight.  Six weeks and counting until WSOP in June.

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So it’s Sunday night April 22nd and we’re just three full weeks into the major league baseball regular season.  The Yanks are three games out of first which isn’t a big deal since 60% of their rotation isn’t available (80% if you include Clemens).  Bonds (unfortunately) is on his way to breaking the all-time HR record (six already in 2007 and 740 overall), and A-Rod is on his way to hitting like 130 home runs this year (with an amazing 12 already) which would be putting him close to Aaron’s record by next year, lol.  Dice-K is a phenom although 1-2.    Honestly it’s just fun watching ball again.  Being on the west coast it’s nice to watch east coast games at 4pm. 

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Well the lil guy turned 2 1/2 a couple of weeks ago and so we finally thought it time to start weening him off the nanny thing.  We’ve had four nannies in his 2. 5 years and for the most part I think it was a good thing; lots of one on one time, only been sick 3x in his lifetime thus far and generally a well-mannered child.

I think the only hold-up though is that his social interaction development has been hindered somewhat by being isolated.  Not helping is our being out here not around others we know.  So two days ago he went to his first day of school.  Today being his second, I took him this morning and it was somewhat surreal.  I little nervous (me – actually) seeing him enter what would be his first month of schooling (albeit somewhat babysitting at this point) over the next 16-20 years.  With what went on the other day at Virginia Tech, I suddenly started being all that much more alert of the surroundings.  The school we took him to was very well secured…so much so, I couldn’t get out without adult instructions myself.

He’ll fit in eventually as he’s a good boy, but yet we begin another chapter in his life.

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So I’m eating breakfast/lunch this morning at one of my local spots I normally do and must have been singing/humming one of the old 50’s/60’s songs they had playing on the radio/cds they had playing.  Growing up listing to ‘older’ music, I have a thing for the older genre of songs and know many of them.  While humming/singing the guy in front of me, in his 60’s actually turns to me and names that song.  He asks me if I’m a musician….I say no, then since I’m there with my laptop working, asks me if I’m a writer….I say no, I’m a ‘headhunter’…..  He kind of looks at me puzzled and says ‘oh’.

I should’ve just gone with it and am planning on it next time.  Why not have some fun.  Have any of you ever posed as another person, singer, actor, ball player, pilot, CEO, playboy, etc?  I’m thinking I need a back-story.

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2007 WSOP Main Event

…is coming up and although I had never thought of ponying up the cash, I’m starting to think about it a little more now.  I’ve done well in the dozen or so tournaments I’ve played in thus far and this would be quite an experience.

I think I’m going to challenge myself over the next two months and set certain personal goals.  If I meet those I may just do it.  It’s a lot of money but perhaps some of you folks would be interested in pooling $ and buying a piece of me during the tournament.  I’ll be headed to Vegas early in June (nearly a month before the main event starts) and playing in the $1500NL event at the WSOP.  Let’s see how I do in that.

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Ok, I’m gonna get ridiculed for this one but …. whatever.  When I was in my early teens, I had a mother and sister that both watched ‘Days of our Lives’.  It became popular to watch and got hooked.  Today it’s ok as most of these soap operas are now primetime shows are now reality based, or are more action oriented like “Lost”.  But I grew up on this show, so imagine my surprise when one of the main character/villains of that show is getting his mail yesterday morning,…it was Stefano

Joe Mascolo, the actor that played Stefano DiMera on Days lives in my condo.  Small world, but odd I remember someone so vividly after 20 years of not watching that show.  And no, I didn’t say hello.

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