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So in going to the San Diego area I was honestly well aware there are a few cardrooms in the area.  Heck, it is vacation and I believe I’m partially here to enjoy myself.  Received permission to play an evening and Ocean’s Eleven is Oceanside is only but 10 miles from the hotel.    Played only six hours but a worthwhile six hours it was.

It’s literally just a cardroom.  Maybe 40 tables and just locals galore.  No true professionals and seemingly a place I wish was 10 minutes from my house.  The action was great, the players mediocre, non-aggressive, and it was as if they’d only gotten poker there two years ago.  I grinded for the first hour and picked up AK and had someone with KQ (and a board of K,J,10) push on me, so I doubled up from $300 to $600 somewhat early.  Had a guy try to bluff my trip eights and he had only a pair of 7s.  Same guy made my night later twice over on the two following hands:

Hand one – I have J,10 suited UTG and call the $25 pre-flop bet (2 callers).  Flop – 9,8,5 rainbow.  Preflop raiser (SB) bets out only $20, I mini-raise to $45.  Button (same guy as before), makes it $100.  Original bettor folds.  I call.  Turn, no help for me, puts two fives out there and possible full-house (ie. I could be drawing dead).  I check, button checks.  Hm.  River brings a J which gives me top pair.  I check and he rifles out $150.  With $275 in the pot, not a bad bet by him but after much thought, I call with my top pair and he mucks.  I can sense frustration that I’ve now beat him two decent pots.

Hand two – I have 5,3 spades UTG and limp in, limp, limp, limp, raise from the button to $20.  I figure I have implied odds since all others would likely just call which they do.  $100 in pot.  Flop, 4,6,7 (two diamonds).  I check.  Player to my left bets $40, my guy calls, fold, and guy on my right calls, I make it $140 with my flopped straight.  Post flop bettor folds, my guy thinks and smooth calls.  Button calls.  Whoah.  $560 in the pot.  Turn, Q clubs.  Seemingly no help.  I could be up against a set or diamond draw.  But with a low straight (8,5 would be the nuts), I don’t want to play a huge pot.  I bet $100.  Which one could argue, I’m giving people the correct odds to call.  OR (and honestly not my intent), it could be viewed as weakness, which it obviously was….’my guy’ puts in the $100 in red and then adds on seven $100 chips (putting me all in).  Button folds (later said he had a set)…..I think for about 30 seconds (really just whether he could possibly have 8,5).  I simply just felt he was making a move and sensed weakness with my wimpy $100 bet.  I call…just praying no diamond and no paired board.  I think he missed it all because he just looked at the board afterwards and was waiting for me to announce what I had.  I put him out of his misery (he didn’t show) and announced straight and dragged my over $2K pot.  This guy once had well over $2K in front of him, and left broke.  Ouch.

I pick up KK about 30 minutes later and UTG just limp in expecting a raiser, but none (ru-roh).  Six to the flop!  K,K,J.   Checks all around, and turn at least brought an Ace.  I bet out just $20 and won the $30 in the pot.  Oh well.  Plus $1800 on the night.  Back in the win column.


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So in lieu of flying to Hawaii or to Jamaica, Aruba, etc., we’ve opted to drive this vacation.  I mean, we’re already in Southern California, how much better is the weather going to be?  We are staying one night (last night) at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach.  First, I’ll start by saying, yes, it’s nice but worth $500+/night?  Um no.  Fortunately we were at a charity auction last year and won a silent auction for this place and got it for ‘only’ $350/night.  The view is spectacular and that’s what you’re paying for.  Not much as far as ‘grounds’ as it’s beach front property.  The staff is courteous, but I suppose I was expecting a blow you out of the water experience.

We’re headed towards San Diego later today to try our hand at the Four Seasons.  Having stayed at one in Hawaii years ago, I know we can expect good things.  Legoland is on the agenda today so undoubtedly, I’ll be exhausted by day’s end.


Went to Legoland and the San Diego Zoo thus far and Shane’s having a blast.  Have been able to leave work behind somewhat but still lingering its head.  For the most part though time with family is great.

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In discussing our vacation, it was discussed where to stay and for how long.  We decided 3-4 days and since we were going to be in the San Diego area (near Carlsbad), why not try the new Bed & Breakfast opened by Ms. Tori Spelling and her husband.  Mindy and I love B&B’s and have stayed at a couple.  It’d be a nice end to the vacation.

We of course had watched 90210 growing up and even seen the show they put out showing how they purchased an old B&B and renovated it, had their baby, etc.  So yes, a little intrigued, but it did look like they put a lot of work into it and it looked nice and inviting.  My only concern was customer service and being served.  We figured with them out on maternity/paternity leave, Mr. & Ms. Spelling would not be our Inn-keepers.  Which was fine.  For us, it’d have been a nice end to vacation.

Well, not going to happen.  I think they need to work on the customer service part a little more.  First you email them http://chateaularuebandb.com/ which you can get from their web site, and get an automated email:

Thank you for contacting Chateau La Rue. The summer is booking up fast, but there are still some reservations available in June. If you are interested in making a reservation, please call our reservations line at 877-451-2468. Please do not respond to this email address as it is not checked.

Many Thanks,

Tori & Dean

Well, not only is their email not checked, they must selectively return calls or email clientele.  I’m sure demand has been high but how difficult is it to send an email or place a call stating you have no availability (if that’s the case).  My message to them was general (end of June 2007) with my first message left for them nearly two months ago and the most recent one four days ago.  Oh well.  We’re just one couple, I’m sure they’ll find others that’ll persevere non-customer service.

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So headed out on vacation yesterday, Shane and his parents were invited to a year-end party celebrating the end of the school year and commencement of summer.  The class mom, a nice stay-at-home woman with a 3 year old (in Shane’s class) and a one-year old, offered up her home and sent out invitations, etc.  We can only stay for an hour as we’re headed out on vacation.  We arrive in Bel Aire with a confirmed perspective on how the other half lives…

First the home is in the hills and we probably went about 1,000 ft. vertical and passed some very nice home.  We arrive into this exclusive subdivision and at this palacial home to the sound of ‘under the sea’ from Disney.  We’re greeted by two young parents, no more than 32ish.  I know we both start wondering ‘how’ and ‘what do they do for a living’ and we start wondering now about all the other parents and if they’re wondering the same thing or if they’re affluent.  The actual property itself could be no more than 1/4 acre but every piece is used to perfection.   Well decorated and in the back yard they had their own fire pit, brick oven, bar area, pool which overflows virtually onto Mulholland Blvd., and of course a small basketball court.  I will say this though, they were not pretentious and very nice people and hosts.

The food (of course they had this catered) consisted brick oven pizzas, kabobs, and the aformentioned caesar salad in a chinese food box with chop stix.  The kids were treated to icecreams and popscicles, and played with bubbles, toys and were treated to a jump-in-tent (one of those big blow up ones).  On to vacation.

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I thought this worthy of it’s own post.  I’m heading out on vacation today but Mank, can you update us?  Go Mark!!!  Represent. 
“Hey guys our buddy Mark Arum is heading into day 2 of the $1500 event at the WSOP, he is on the money. There are about 170 left of 2700 + players. He has 45,000 in chips!
26th place as of 10pm dinner break, but 26th in chips.  Going to bed.  Good luck Mark.

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Back in Atlanta for the week.  The house is vacant.  The tenants have moved out.  Everything seemingly went smoothly.  However, my ‘property manager’ for which we paid on average $240/month plus one month’s rent ($3,000) for a grand total of about $6,700 total over the course of the loan period, did not do ‘squat’!  They collect rent then send it my way.  Harry Norman found the tenants but did not ensure they were non-smokers.  Then the property manager was supposed to move out my tenants but they never have.  This is ridiculous.  What’d I pay all that money for?  The only good news is that the property’s in decent shape.  We’ll be repainting & recarpeting in the coming days/weeks.  But how ridiculous are they (IHP – Innovative Home Partners).  What a joke.

Business-wise, just doing my thing and working from the varied Starbucks and Caribou Coffee locations around town.  I (needlesstosay) all caffeined up.  Heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow and actually looking forward to it.  My house does not have water right now so I’m utilizing LA Fitness as my showering locale.  Plus I miss the family. 

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Life back in LA

Back to reality (somewhat).  It’s been an odd week and it’ll just getter odder.  I have lots of stuff going on work-wise and then personally I have my in-laws in town.  I’m headed to Atlanta next week and then on vacation the following week. 

Star sitings – I didn’t mention all the celebs and star sitings in Vegas but I’ll start by my start siting this morning.  I saw half the crew from American Idol at Bob’s Big Boy this morning just chowing down on some burgers and fries as if they were just another group of kids.  Kind of funny seeing – Jordin Sparks, Phil Stacey,  Gina Glocksen, Haley Scarnato, and runner-up Blake Lewis.  Getting back to Vegas, poker star sitings include the legend Doyle Brunson, Devilfish Ulliott, Gavin Griffin, Andrew Black, Phil Ivey, Mike Sexton, Eric Siedel, Mark Seif, to name a few.

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