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Haven’t posted in a while, but getting settled after the move, our vacation, and the last week of unpacking and taking care of Shane.  Will summarize LA, the move, Disney, the cruise and life back in the southeast. 


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11 days left…

Lots to do i the next 11 days.  Packing, packing and more packing.  Coordinate with Cobb County for Shane’s pre-school and services; coordinate the work being done on my house, get read for our vacation, etc.

All in all, everything is going smoothly, but the coming three weeks will be great, but hectic.  Gonna try to make one or two last trips down to the local card rooms, but even that’s no guarantee.  I have work up the wazoo going on. 

On a fun side note, I played ball again on Sunday, my 2nd to last game here in town.  Out here you never know who you’re going to see, but one of the guys on my team pointed out that Christopher Atkins, the childhood kid that shacked up with Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon was playing for the opposing team.  Go figure.  Can’t say time has stood still for the guy, but you could also tell that part of his life is way way over.  He played a solid left field and had a couple of opposite field basehits.  Seemed like a nice guy.  Married and his kid by his side after the game.  Funny stuff.

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Sid Finch, the fabled mid-western hurler was to pitch for the New York Mets organization.  He threw 168-miles per hour yet never played any organized ball before.  This was the subject of an early April Sports Illustrated article in the mid-80’s.  Obviously, or not so obviously, this was an April Fool’s Day joke.  Never got these, but again, with time on my hands, I seemingly got a few folks on the posting below.  My sister – bless her thoughful soul – actually called to cuss me out.  Sorry Jo, but ‘gotcha’.  And I know payback’s a byatch, but I did literally laugh out loud.

The truth is the move to Atlanta is still on for April 19th and everything else is fictitious.  A move to NY or Connecticut is still a possibility of at least 60-40 yes right now.  But Atlanta for now. 

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Orlando, here we come

Curveballs all around.  Negotiations in the Stockfield household have been rampant the last 96 hours as it now appears we’re Orlando bound.  An opening at the Orlando offices has come available (Friday/Monday) and they’ve made Mrs. S an offer including full relo, increase in comp, and closing costs for a house in Celebration, FL.  We’ll be moving to Atlanta April 19th, but moving again to Orlando, October 1st.  Part of the negotiations, was me being allowed to join the poker tournament circuit (4x/year playing in varied events, including a half dozen this summer during the WSOP).  I’ll be playing at Foxwoods, the Taj Majal in AC – World Poker Championships, and then back to the Bike for the Legends of Poker.  As of July 1st no more recruiting.  I’ll just be closing shop.  After the year is out, I’ll be a full-time stay at home Dad.

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Just a rumor I heard…should you be ‘into’ that kind of thing.  Little birdie told me she was interested and has discussed with the powers that be.

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The Borgata is probably the nicest AC hotel, of which I liken it to The Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. Again, nice hotel, but not luxurious like The Wynn, The Bellagio, etc. But very nice, sophisticated place, the type you don’t go raving around like a teen-aged lunatic right? LOL. Did I mentioned my good buddy JP was in town for the weekend also for our draft?

He and two other buds Scott and Tony were also in town and so the four of us were crashing in one room. After an initial night of black-jack with Scott while JP watched the Villanova Massacre, the four of us ventured back up stairs and three of us went down, all but JP. He seemed a little out of it, so looked like he was going to crash. We ate a late dinner and then Tony went upstairs while Scott and I were headed to play at little more 21. I got a call from Tony – one of those ‘oh my’ type calls.

Let me tell you…..upon getting back up to the room….you wouldn’t believe the blitzkrieg of vomit that could inhabitate one hotel room. I’m surprised the kid didn’t throw up his pancreas. The bed, the carpet, the bathroom, the sink filled to the brim, pillows, blankets, towels. Poor cleaning crew,…45 minutes, $20 in tips, and a night on the floor for me. Ugh. Ah, boys will be boys, and JP will be JP!

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…they proceed to blow a 22-point lead in the NIT tournament.  They can’t even get to the Final Four of the NIT.  They lose to a solid UMass squad, but c’mon, they were up by 22!  Their youth, their lack of a bench showed why Donte’ Greene and Jonny Flynn will be back next year.  But the silver lining is that they’ll hopefully learn from it and should be a Top 20 or possibly a top 15 team for most of 2008-2009.  Still hate seeing them lose though.

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