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The umpiring this post season has been absolutely horrible.  The only positive for a Yankees fan is that more than half of these calls have gone their way.  But as a fan of the game, it’s unacceptable to see these major league umpires, the best of the best, making such poor calls.

What is even worse is when they do a makeup call.  Nick Swisher gets nailed on a pick off play clearly by the Angels, yet is called safe.  He makes it to third later in the inning with only one out and seemingly scores when he tags from third on a deep fly ball to center.  The Angels appeal and they call Swisher out, when clearly replays show the 3rd base umpire McCleland looking to centerfield to view the catch (and not on the tagging runner’s foot to see if he left the bag early).

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear any of these poor calls have cost either side a game….yet.


Addendum to my post….

Tim McClelland did it again! This is not borderline ridiculous…it is ridiculous!!!!!!

Situation: One out in the top of the fifth inning, ground ball back to the pitcher, who throws home; Posada’s caught in a rundown and the Angels catcher runs him back to third. Cano moved from second to third on the play. But when the catcher finally neared Posada at third, he noticed that Cano was — for some unknown reason — standing flatfooted a few feet off the base. Catcher alertly tags Cano and then turned back to tag out Posada, who was experiencing yet another similar lapse of judgment on the other side of the bag and foul line.

Memories of Dale Berra and Bobby Meachum both getting thrown out in tandum at home rebouns, but Umpire McClelland, despite standing just a few feet away and having the entire debacle right in front of him, only ruled Posada was out. Cano was welcome to third??????????

This is absurd!!! Here’s what McClelland had to say about the play after the game:

“On the play with Cano and Posada, I thought Cano was on the base. I was waiting for two players to be on the base, and when there was never the situation where both of them were on the base at the same time. When he tagged Cano, I thought Cano was on the base, and when Jorge touched the base and continued and tagged Posada out, I thought Posada was out …

“(The replay) showed that Cano was off the bag when he was tagged. I did not see that for whatever reason …  I’m just out there trying to do my job and do it the best I can.” 

That McClelland’s mistake was minimized by the subsequent out by Melky Cabrera(notes) — the Yankees scored no runs off the snafu — is irrelevant.   

Where does it end???  Instant replay?  Ugh.


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Just plain exciting.  The post season ARod needed thus far….let’s hope it lasts!

Yankees Win!!!!!!!!!

Yankees Win!!!!!!!!!

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Wow, nothing like a cold run of cards to bring in the fall and wintery weather.  Played a NL200 tourney last night in Ossining and I was the bounty since I’d won the previous tournament two months ago.  This can be both good and bad as people target you to win $100 if they bust you; however, getting called down by hands like Q3 diamonds when you go all in with JJ can be tough (we chopped the pot both with 8 high straights, nice).

But playing short for four hours isn’t my idea of fun, but it’s an exercise in patience, the patience one needs to win a larger sized tournament.  My last hand I shoved with A,10 off, and called by two guys (pocket 6’s and J,9 clubs from a huge stack).  Hit my ace, but a six spiked the flop and I was done. 

Compounded it a little by playing awful poker in the cash game, so hit a little rut.  Will try to pound my way out with a poker league event today www.hvpl.net

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Yesterday was our one year anniversary back in New York.  This year as packed as it was, was still less disruptive than the previous 12 months.  The previous twelve months consisted of having a baby, moving from LA back to Atlanta, packing again and preparing to move to New York, buying a house, trying to sell our Atlanta home as well.  The financial markets tanked, and we were fortunate enough to sell off some of our stocks at somewhat of a mitigating loss in order to buy our current house.

October 2008 was crazy with the move into town, getting Shane set up with ‘pre-school’ and hiring a nanny for both kids.  Evan was only 3 months old and Mindy also started work literally the next day after we arrived with me being here for the movers.  The holiday season saw us unpacking and getting used to the cold weather and being near family.  December had me visit Atlanta for the last time to testify in a frivolous lawsuit my old company was involved in, suing a consultant that pilfered a client.  If nothing else, it made me wonder about the legal system.

And it took until nearly spring for us to dump the Atlanta house to ungrateful buyers who (and I can’t blame them) took advantage of the great buyers market, but only after I dumped $15K into the old house. 

Spring and summer saw us starting to breathe again and successfully finishing our basement and being able to entertain.  It’s been nice to do the latter and relax a little rather than stressing.  The business stayed in business and ran surprisingly well.  Times are still tight but to be still in business is a good thing.

So we sit here, 12 months after our return to the northeast.  The next 365 days no doubt will be interesting I’m sure with Shane in Kindergarten and Evan continuing to grow like a weed.  We’ll have a new nanny soon so that’ll be a new adventure as well.  Winter is upon us and another holiday season.  This one is shaping up to be one we can simply enjoy as a family, hopefully stress free and void of chaos.  But then again, you never know where life’s going to take you and what chaos will come upon you….thus, why I blog.

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It’s bad enough I was in Costco a few weeks ago and noticed Christmas stuff already out.  Yes, really.  It seems that earlier and earlier each year the Xmas decor comes out just a tad earlier.  Over the last few falls, it’s become common-place for Saint Nick and the gang to poke their heads out around Satan Day while the kids are tricking and treating.  Perhaps Labor Day should be the new Thanksgiving.

But much to my surprise, seeing the forecast yesterday for possible snow this evening and meteorologists calling for what could be the first nor’easter since I’ve been back.  It’s already been a wacky 12 months since we’ve been back (officially one year ago today we moved in).  The summer was cool and damp, and last winter from the locals account was one of the coldest in years past.

Trick or treat….this seems to be a trick.  Fire up the heat, winter’s-a-coming quite expeditiously this year!

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Wrapped up the 2009 baseball season this morning with a 8-4 defeat.   Doesn’t sound all the impressive; heck we lost.  But at least I went out on top playing my best game of the year.  I came in relief of our manager/pitcher who clearly did not have it today.  He gave up 8 runs in 2 2/3 innings.  Ugh.  How he stayed in to give up 8 runs in a playoff game is beyond me.  It wasn’t my call but  I’m thinking 4-0 should’ve been it.  You cannot get behind 8-0 and realistically give yourself a chance to win. 

I was summoned from 2nd base which I wasn’t pleased with quite simply because I wasn’t warm.  I literally just threw the ball over and got out of a bases loaded jam.  I came in warmed up and proceeded to throw five additional scoreless innings of 2-hit ball (0 walks, 3 K’s).  I was pleased to go out in this manner.  To top it off, I happened to go 4-4 at the plate, comprising 4 of my teams 10 hits on the day.  They hit me second….ha, second!  Needlesstosay, we need to get some new blood on this time.  As much as I love hitting, c’mon, I shouldn’t even be in the lineup and if so, hitting where a pitcher should hit.

Oh well, ball’s over with the exception of the Fall Classic in Tampa/Clearwater come November.

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